Solving the water and sanitation crisis

 21 Mar 2023

At Zip Water, we celebrate and cherish everything about water and World Water Day, a UN day of global recognition, is something we look to every year as a reminder of the importance of water in our lives.

World Water Day encourages people to take action in their own lives to change the way they use, consume and manage water, something which is very close to our hearts at Zip. We believe that clean, pure, great-tasting water contributes to improving the lives of people around the world and is a key driver towards solving some of the biggest challenges that lie in our future.

We lead the world in healthy and sustainable drinking water solutions, and as well as delivering clean, safe water to more than 20 million people each day. Through our innovation, we also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and cups, many of which end up in our rivers and oceans. We extend our passion for the preservation of water to our operations and manufacturing processes through the dry manufacturing process thereby reducing unnecessary waste. Finally, our HydroTaps are 100% water efficient, as no water is used during the refrigeration process for cooling water.

World Water Day 2023 is an opportunity for us all to reflect and take action on how we can help the world access water at its best.

Join us in sharing your World Water Day actions – some suggestions include: using a reuseable drink bottle or coffee cup, fixing leaks around the house, using less water for every day tasks, and many more!