Filtered chilled and sparkling water on tap from Zip

 02 Dec 2020

Sparkling Water on Tap – Pure and Simple

Simply add bubbles, and regular H2O transforms from the most common drink on the planet to a stimulating beverage that cleanses the palate and refreshes mouth and mind.

The perfect mixer

Sparkling water is perfect on its own as a hydrating beverage. Add ice, crushed mint and a squeeze of lemon, or a handful of muddled berries, and you have a fancy drink. Sparkling water is also the perfect mixer, great for diluting anything too-sweet or too-strong, or adding to cordials and juices for a bit of a twist.

Better yet, sparkling water has zero calories, which means no sugar, so is vastly better for you than soft drinks.

Better for the environment

It’s no wonder Australians spend thousands of dollars each year on sparkling water. The bottled water industry generates over $700 million annually. But as the ABC’s War on Waste highlighted, Australian households produce more than 666,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year.

Fortunately, there’s a better option. Sparkling water, straight from the tap. Chilled, filtered, and perfectly carbonated, Zip Water’s range of sparkling water appliances are the elegant, convenient and eco-friendly way to enjoy instant sparkling water.

Stunning designs

Imagine a single tap in your kitchen that serves up perfectly chilled, filtered drinking water, as well as boiling water, and delicious sparkling water – on demand. That’s the Zip HydroTap. Available in a variety of designs and 7 colour schemes, not only is the HydroTap stylishly functional, it clears the clutter of a bench- or stovetop kettle, and frees up fridge and pantry space from storing bottles.

Then there are health benefits for the whole family to enjoy. Research shows that 80% of residential Zip HydroTap owners now drink more water, with some reporting the HydroTap helped kick their soft drink habit.

Perfect for high demand offices

The benefits don’t end at home. The Zip HydroChill range is perfect for the high demands of an office or business environment, where staying hydrated is key to performance and comfort.

HydroChill offers staff and customers true choice; instantaneous, freshly carbonated sparkling water, alongside chilled or ambient filtered water, straight from the tap, with convenience and efficiency. Forget ugly water coolers, and eliminate potential manual handling injuries from replacing heavy, awkward water drums. HydroChill’s high efficiency refill rate means staff and customers can easily fill their own reusable bottles with either sparkling or still water, so they can enjoy healthy, filtered water with minimal effort, whenever they want.


Zip MicroPurity Filters

Superior filtration

Zip’s 0.2 micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants, but leaves fluoride, resulting in healthy, pure tasting and crystal clear water.

When it’s so simple, efficient, environmentally-sound and ultimately cost-effective to serve sparkling water straight from the tap, how could you ever go back to bottled water?

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