HydroTap Touch-Free Wave

Create a safer workplace with a 100% touch-free solution to access instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water.

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Zip for work

We have a whole range of products for the workplace from a Zip HydroTap, to our On-Wall Boiling and Sensor Washroom products. Browse a select range below.

Why Our Customers Love Their HydroTap

The Zip Effect in Your Workplace

Crystal clear, pure tasting, boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water can increase your water intake and your wellbeing. That means happier employees and sharper minds, increasing morale and productivity. Not to mention the convenience and comfort of having a chilled water or hot coffee, whenever you need one. Zip can transform any office kitchen into a functional, social space.

Zip Rental Plans

A Zip Rental Plan delivers boiling, chilled and sparkling, clear filtered water in your office for an easy, fixed quarterly rate. All costs are spread over a 3, 4 or 5 year term, and a Zip Rental is tailored to suit every budget. With no upfront costs or capital outlay, there’s no depreciation in value. Start enjoying all the health benefits of Zip without the hassles.

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Reputation & Reliability

Zip Industries is a privately owned, proudly Australian business that has been manufacturing and marketing Australian designed and made instant water systems since 1947. We are proud to offer only the highest quality products and services and be recognised for our innovation worldwide. As part of our dedicated service, a nation-wide fleet of trained service technicians are available around the clock to tend to your filters, parts, and general maintenance.

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A Zip HydroTap can complement any office. Customise your design, functionality and style, right down to the finish.

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There is no work place like home

See how a Zip HydroTap can improve your working environment.

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Enjoy filtered water any way you like it at your office for an easy, fixed quarterly rate.

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A place to collaborate

Siren Design has created a collaborative workplace for a forward- looking company

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