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Zip leads the way in drinking water systems and solutions for health and aged care facilities.

From Zip HydroTap UltraCare, a specialised multi-barrier system proven to deliver a 99.9% reduction in Legionella* to our touch-free washroom product range, we understand the needs of the sector and can create a solution that works for your facility.

*ALS Pty Ltd Testing of the Zip HydroTap UltraCare system efficacy tests


The Zip HydroTap UltraCare system is proven to deliver a 99.9% reduction in Legionella*

Zip HydroTap UltraCare uses a combination of localised treatments and barriers that are proven as the most effective method of reducing waterborne organisms and pathogens including Legionella. These barriers have been outlined in the enHealth (2015) guidelines for Legionella control in operation and maintenance of water distribution systems in health and aged care facilities.

*enHealth 2015 Guidelines for Legionella control in the operation and maintenance of water distribution systems in health and aged care facilities, Australian Government, Canberra.

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Zip Expert Service 

Dedicated maintenance plan for health and aged care facilities with Zip HydroCare

Introducing Zip HydroCare Gold+, a specialised maintenance plan for health and aged care facilities.
Our Gold+ plan ensures your Zip Water system is maintained by our qualified technicians and remains in working condition, operating at peak performance.
The Gold+ plan includes in-field sanitisation, the option to select carbon-free sub-micron filters which do not remove chlorine from water, asset listing and lifecycle forecasting for your system.
With priority service, unit inspections, cleaning and annual or quarterly billing in advance as standard on all packages, HydroCare saves time and money.

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MicroPurity Filter 

MicroPurity™ carbon-free 0.2 filter to reduce sediment and cysts greater than 0.2 micron

Zip offers the latest carbon-free filtration technology to filter and reduce impurities and potentially harmful contaminants larger than 0.2 microns in size – an impurity that will fit 250 times into a strand of hair.

Our carbon-free 0.2 micron filter will not remove chlorine from water. Chlorine is used as a disinfection agent for potable water supplies and our carbon-free filters allow the chlorine to pass through the filter to keep it active in the water supply.

Zip filters are certified to reduce sediment and limescale in line with NSF 42 (aesthetic effects) and WaterMark requirements.

Zip filters are also certified to deliver a reduction of 99.99% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, to NSF 53 (health effects).



On-Wall boiling units

Boiling water in an instant

As inventors of the instant boiling water category, we understand the challenges of designing a safe, reliable boiling water solution that’s as energy efficient as it is convenient.

The quality and durability of our On-Wall instant boiling water range that is energy efficient over time, will ensure great performance in the long run.

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Upgrade your washroom with Zip Touch-free

Superior hygiene

Zip Water offers an extensive range of washroom solutions to suit health and aged care facilities, including sensor taps and toilet flushing systems.

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Solutions for health and aged care facilities

  • Superior products
    Zip Water has been leading the way in providing premium product solutions suited for health and aged care facilities, with a wide range of products from drinking water systems, carbon-free filters, maintenance plans to washroom offers.
  • Experienced Consultants
    Zip Water is committed to providing the highest level of support for customers. Our product specialists are available to discuss your specific requirements to help tailor the right solution for your facility.
  • National Service
    With an established national network of 100+ qualified Zip service technicians specialising in Zip product installation, repairs and maintenance, your selection of products will be fitted to the highest standards.

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