Australian Warranty Policy

 Warranty information issued 1st September 2022 by Zip Water (Aust) Pty Ltd (“Zip”).

Product Warranty

1. Application

(a) Terms used in this product warranty but not defined have the meaning given to them in our standard terms and conditions of trade, available at This warranty should be read alongside those terms and conditions which apply to each Order.

(b) Every Zip appliance comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Buyers are entitled to a replacement or refund for major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. Buyers are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced should the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major.

2. Standard Warranty

(a) In addition to rights and remedies you have under Australian Consumer Law, a standard warranty applies to each Good so that should any part of that Good fail within 12 months from the date of installation, that part will be repaired or replaced free of charge by us or our distributors or service providers, provided that:

  • the Good is installed and used strictly in accordance with the instruction supplied by us to you, including any operating manual or specifications;

  • any failure of the Good is not due to accident, misuse, abuse, unsuitable water conditions, use of non-authorised parts (including non-authorised filter) or to any alteration, modification or repair by any party not expressly nominated or approved by us; and

  • all service under this warranty is carried out by one of our service technicians or accredited service providers.

(b) Unless otherwise required by the application of Australian Consumer Law:

  • no costs are payable by warranty claimants other than any mileage or travelling-time charges incurred by one of our service providers, or the cost of removal, cartage and re-installation of the appliance or any component of the appliance if it needs to be returned for repair to us or our distributor;

  • the standard warranty referred to in clause 2(a) does not cover damage resulting from non-operation of the appliance, the use of non-authorised parts (including non-authorised filters), or consequential damage to any other goods, furnishings or property; and

  • no warranty applies to the service life of any water filtration cartridge installed with any appliance, as filter cartridge service life may vary according to water quality and the rate of water consumption.

(c)To the maximum extent permitted by law, no other representation or warranty (whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise) is given in relation to the Goods, including as to their functionality, performance, completeness, or fitness for any particular use or purpose, and any term, condition, representation or warranty which would (but for this clause) be implied by law is excluded.

3. Extended Warranty   

(a)In addition to rights and remedies you have under Australian Consumer Law and the standard warranty in clause 2 above, specific Goods are also covered by extended warranties, subject to the same conditions as those noted in clause 2(a)(i) to (iii) above (the Extended Warranty). In addition, the Extended Warranty is conditional on:

  • the Goods and installation being registered with us within three months of installation. Such registration is deemed to be the sole basis of proof of installation for the Extended Warranty;

  • the Goods:

    (aa)  being installed or used in accordance with local laws and the installation and user guide;

    (bb)  being maintained and serviced with genuine parts supplied by us;

    (cc)  being connected to a suitable water supply;

    (dd)  not being subject to foreign matter or corrosive elements within the water supply, fair wear and tear or excessive water pressure;

  • the Goods being installed correctly by a qualified installer in accordance with the installation instructions and connected to a suitable and un-interrupted potable water supply and suitable power supply; and

  • where the Good incorporates a filter cartridge that the filter replacement is carried out at the recommended intervals using only filter cartridges approved by us.

(b) The Zip appliances, other than those listed below, are only covered by the standard warranty set out in clause 2. The Extended Warranty applies to the following Zip appliances, as further described:

  • Zip HydroTap under-bench boiling and chilled filtered water systems
    Zip HydroTap G5 Models and HydroTap G4 Models sold after 1 November 2013 are covered by a five-year warranty comprising 36-month comprehensive parts and labour warranty plus a further 24-month warranty on internal tanks.

  • Zip Hydroboil on-wall instant boiling water systems
    All Zip Hydroboil models are covered by a limited 24-month comprehensive parts and labour warranty.

  • Zip Autoboil on-wall instant boiling water systems
    All Zip Autoboil models are covered by a limited 12-month comprehensive parts and labour warranty.

  • Zip Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters (for residential use only)
    All Zip Instantaneous Hot Water models used exclusively for permanent residential installations are covered by a limited 5-year warranty. The first 24 months from the date of purchase or proof of installation are covered by comprehensive parts and labour warranty. The following 36 months are covered by a full parts warranty only. This warranty is conditional on the product being correctly installed by a qualified installer for normal residential use only.

4. Notifying us of a warranty

(a) In order to make a claim under the standard or extended warranty, customers should contact our service department, using the contact information available on our website at

(b) The application for service under a warranty should include contact information, the nature of the fault, date of the purchase and the serial number visible on the Goods (available on the identification label). Proof of the date of purchase may be required for a warranty claim. Installation will be deemed to have occurred no later than three months after the date of purchase, unless the installation was registered with us. Any costs incurred by a customer in lodging a claim are not refundable under warranty.


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