HydroTap Clean

Zip Water has launched a new and innovative process called HydroTap Clean, which cleans the HydroTap units during commissioning, meaning the HydroTap is cleanest at installation.

HydroTap Clean and Dosing Adaptor

HydroTap Clean compromises of 3 elements and is included with all HydroTap products

  • HydroTap Clean solution in aerosol can
  • Dosing adaptor
  • Automated cleaning process during commissioning phase of installation

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability, we’ve ensured that the aerosol can used to store the HydroTap clean solution is also safe to recycle.

G5 HydroTap Gunmetal

The HydroTap Clean solution is

  • Safe, natural, certified organic, pH neutral, biodegradable solution produced by electrochemically activated water acting like a detergent
  • Non-corrosive
  • Gently cleans the chilled & sparkling internal water paths

Note:- our skilled service technicians are certified installation experts, trained in all aspects of HydroTap installations, including using HydroTap Clean during the commissioning phase of the installation. Plumbers are recommended to view our HydroTap G5 installation videos, in conjunction with the full set of installation instructions that are supplied with each HydroTap product.