Celebrating 75 Years of Zip Water

For the past 75 years, Zip Water has been at the forefront of manufacturing and innovation in Australia. This year, as we celebrate our milestone, we’re taking a look back at our history and setting ambitious targets for our future.

Founded in 1947 in Sydney and originally producing water heaters, Zip Water has evolved into the icon we know today. Under the leadership of Michael Crouch, who purchased the company in 1962, Zip produced several world-first innovations, such as the on-wall instant boiling water system, which made its first appearance in office tea rooms in 1975.

Driven by the desire to deliver water at its best, Zip has continued to reinvent and improve water, launching the HydroTap under bench instant boiling water system, the first ever sparkling water tap, and most recently releasing the fifth generation of the HydroTap, which features contactless controls.

Once only found in workplaces, the iconic Zip taps are now highly sought-after in the residential market, as people around the world look to Zip to bring water at its best home to their family and friends with the elegant appliance delivering boiling, chilled, and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

As we look to the future, we are as committed as ever to delivering water at its best, and we are passionate about our commitment to a more sustainable planet.

Michael Crouch

Michael Crouch & the Zip Story

Michael Crouch AO acquired Zip Heaters in 1962, then a small manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom heaters in Sydney. Seeing potential, he set about creating new innovations and expanding operations.

During the 1960s Zip launched its range of over-sink boiling water heaters, catering to commercial kitchens. This revolutionary product changed peoples lives as there was no more waiting for water to boil.

In the 1970s, Zip introduced the world's first small instant boiling water heater, now widely used in homes, offices and restaurant kitchens.

Zip also introduced the world's first under-bench drinking water appliance, dispensing instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

Michael's passion and innovative legacy lives on today with Zip continuing to deliver world firsts and receiving industry accolades.

Zip service technicians 

Our people

We celebrate 75 years of Zip people and our values. Innovation. Quality. Performance. Care. It has remained constant through the decades.

Our passion for quality and performance and more importantly our deep care for our customers and people has been instrumental to our success.

Zip People
Zip marketing

Zip Marketing

Zip has launched multiple best in class marketing campaigns to support the innovations launched in Australia and around the world.

Over time our advertising has transitioned from being print focussed to now applying a digital & data first approach to our communications, reflective of today's consumer and media landscape.

We also continue to support our products through premium in-store fixtures to drive conversion and maintaining presence in relevant events & exhibits.

Zip Marketing examples

Zip Water Timeline

Zip Water Timeline