Our approach to sustainability

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HydroTap Impact Calculator

Interested to know how many single-use plastic bottles you would save from using a Zip HydroTap? We’ve created a calculator for you to quantify your impact on the environment by using a Zip HydroTap.

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Zip Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

We are proud to announce the release of our very first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. This report is a milestone in our sustainability journey, reflecting our commitment to transparency and accountability. This report showcases our journey, our strengths, and areas where we can improve. We're driven by innovation, constantly seeking ways to provide health, wellness, and environmental benefits to our consumers.

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Our Impact

  • #1

    Eco-friendly and sustainable provider of premium drinking water

  • 2B+

    Plastic bottles saved every year from landfill and our oceans

  • 20M+

    Consumers globally using our clean drinking water everyday

Our Sustainability Commitments

At Zip Water we are committed to doing our part to ensure a more sustainable planet

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Commitment 1

Continuous improvement in sustainability

We’ve been awarded a Gold sustainability rating by EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

Submitting to a rigorous review process that covered four areas of the business, Environment, Ethics, Labour and Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement, Zip was found to be in the 93rd percentile of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

The ratings and scorecards demonstrate how well a company has integrated the principles of sustainability into its business and management system, while also providing feedback for future improvements.

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Commitment 2

Reducing the use of single-use plastics

Our products help people to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic bottles by encouraging the refill of bottles and glasses in both the home and workplace. To promote this refill culture in our own workplace, we provide all employees with reusable bottles so they can refill and refresh from our drinking water systems.

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Commitment 3

Responsible and ethical supply network

We are committed to managing our business in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. This commitment extends the goods and services we purchase to the choice of suppliers we work. To ensure our suppliers recognise and uphold these standards we have our own Supplier Code of Conduct and Modern Slavery Statement.

Supplier Code

Modern Slavery Statement

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Commitment 4

Independently verified Environmental Product Declaration

The HydroTap EPD details the environmental impact of HydroTaps throughout its lifecycle, from the production and processing of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, installation, ongoing usage, maintenance and filter changing, right down to the end of the product’s life.

Green Star Compliant
Meets ISO 14025 & EN 15804

Download EPD here

HydroTap Command Centre Interface

Commitment 5

Cutting-edge energy-efficient products

The under-bench command centre features customisable settings with 3 energy saving modes including ON/OFF timers and sensor activated 'sleep when it's dark' to help conserve energy during periods of low or non-usage.

Patented Zip PowerPulse™ technology ensures perfect boiling temperature by delivering instantaneous small energy bursts efficiently instead of overheating and cooling, which wastes energy and results in boiling water at inconsistent temperatures.

Learn about the Zip HydroTap G5

ISO Qualifications and Certifications

Commitment 6

Investing in renewable energy

We have committed to adopting a renewable energy approach to manufacturing and implementing solar panels in the Condell Park facility. In 2021 and 2022 the solar panels respectively generated between 15% and 17% of total energy for the operations site. Looking forward, we have committed to an expansion of solar panels ensuring improved renewable energy generation year on year.

Zip HydroTap Arc Plus

Commitment 7

Reducing climate impact

We have conducted an independent-expert-reviewed, ISO 14040-44 conforming Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the award-winning HydroTap products. This LCA analysed the climate impact and resource use of HydroTap products across their full life cycle, including acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, usage, and disposal, and compared these impacts to relevant alternative products.

A Zip HydroTap can produce up to 85% less emissions than single-use plastics in a commercial setting.

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ISO certifications

Commitment 8

Low impact design

Zip does not just design energy efficient products; we have complete organisational dedication to sustainable environmental management and quality and are certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We take care to ensure that each Zip HydroTap is manufactured sustainably and to the highest quality possible.

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Commitment 9

Sustainable packaging

Zip is committed to eliminate unnecessary and problematic materials from our packaging through redesign, innovation, and alternative (reuse) delivery models. We believe in a circular solution which is why we are also a member of APCO to strengthen our commitment. Our HydroTap packaging is 100% recyclable and up to 70% recycled materials.

Refrigerant cooling system

Commitment 10

100% water efficient

Closed refrigeration forced air cooled systems are 100% water efficient with rapid chilling and heat transfer capabilities delivering consistently colder chilled water.

Forced air cooling removes waste heat that is generated as part of the refrigeration process for cooling water. No water is used as part of this process, making it 100% water efficient. All Zip HydroTap systems use air cooling technology.

Download HydroTap Sustainability Brochure

Pouring water from HydroTap

Commitment 11

The provision of safer and cleaner water

As part of the Culligan International Group, we lead the world in healthy and sustainable drinking water solutions and services, bringing clean, safe and soft water to more than 100 million consumers globally. 

Zip Water Technicians

Commitment 12

Extensive product lifecycle

Our products are built to last from highly durable materials and come with industry leading warranties. We offer a nation-wide network of highly skilled service technicians who are experts at maintaining systems, prolonging the life of each system to run as long as possible.

Refrigerant cooling system

Zip Water is a part of Culligan International where we have a common purpose to provide cleaner, safer and great tasting water to change people’s lives and improve the environment for all.

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