The perfect high-capacity water system for any workplace

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Support your staff and customers' wellbeing through healthy hydration with Zip HydroChill.

Embrace the refill revolution and reduce environmental impact, without sacrificing time or convenience. HydroChill delivers high-capacity, pure tasting, filtered water – chilled, ambient or sparkling – perfect for corporate and commercial use, where high volumes of drinking water are needed straight from the tap.

  • Choice of Capacity
  • Pure Tasting and Healthy
  • Rent or Buy Australia-wide
  • Sparkling, Chilled or Ambient
  • Stylish Designs

The Benefits of HydroChill

  • Sparkling On-Tap
    HydroChill is the only system delivering chilled, sparkling water - a premium product your staff and customers will love.
  • High Capacity
    Choose from 90, 120 or 200 litre per hour options, to satisfy even the most extreme demands.
  • People

    Provide true choice for customers and staff. HydroChill delivers pure tasting, healthy water, whichever way they like it.

  • Planet
    Reduce your ecological footprint. Encourage staff to refill their own reusable bottles and cut down on plastic waste ending up in landfill.
Explore the Range

HydroChill Range

HydroChill by Zip delivers high-capacity, pure tasting, filtered drinking water - chilled, ambient or sparkling - designed to meet the high volume, swift flow demands keeping staff and customers hydrated in the workplace. Replace the need for bottled water. Reclaim storage space, eliminate deliveries and encourage your staff to be ecologically friendly. Support the wellbeing of your people and the planet with a Zip HydroChill system.

HydroChill Water Refill Station

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90, 120 or 200 litre per hour options

Product Features

HydroChill offers staff and customers a high-capacity drinking water solution, in an instant. Choose from 90, 120 or 200 litre per hour options, with chilled, ambient and sparkling water, all from the one elegant system.

HydroChill Benefits:

  • High capacity chilled, ambient or sparkling water
  • Bar style tap for efficient bottle filling
  • Takes up minimal space - no additional storage required
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Eliminates carbon kilometres
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Purchase or rental options


Compliance & Safety Certifications
HydroChill by Zip confidently meet or exceed all plumbing and drinking water health standards.

Sparkling Water On Tap

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Sparkling, chilled or ambient

Product Features

HydroChill by Zip is the only drinking water appliance to deliver sparkling water, straight from the tap. Not only is this a premium offering for staff, it's a classy option for the board room or reception that your customers are sure to notice.

HydroChill Benefits:

  • High capacity sparkling water
  • Elegant and stylish designs
  • Choice of litre per hour capacity
  • Pure tasting, healthy hydration
  • Refillable 2.6kg/4.0L food grade CO2 cylinder
  • Sustainable and waste-eliminating
  • Purchase or rental options


Compliance & Safety Certifications

HydroChill by Zip confidently meet or exceed all plumbing and drinking water health standards.

  • Premium Quality Water - Sparkling, Chilled or Ambient

    Your customers and staff will be spoiled for choice. Allow them to refill their own bottles, in an instant, with their preference of sparkling, chilled or ambient water, all filtered with Zip's 0.2 micron filtration.
  • Sustainable - Refill, Don't Landfill

    Australians buy more than 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink bottles a year, only about 30% are recycled. Encourage your staff to be ecologically active by providing a high performing drinking water solution.
  • Simple, Affordable, Practical

    Forget the storage hassle, manual handling nightmare, and delivery interruptions of bottled drinking water. HydroChill by Zip connects to your existing water supply, providing constant, high capacity, pure tasting and healthy water, straight from the tap.

  • Rent or Buy

    The HydroChill system can be bought outright or rented for ease and flexibility. Why not opt for the simplicity and affordability of a fully maintained rental system with scheduled six-monthly services (including filter changes).

Premium Drinking Water for any Workplace

  • Pure Tasting

    HydroChill's 0.2 micron filter eliminates odours, impurities and contaminants, serving crystal clear, pure tasting drinking water.

  • Suitable for Any Space

    HydroChill drinking water systems are easy to install and use, requiring no additional storage or deliveries, making HydroChill the perfect solution for even the smallest of spaces.


  • Ongoing Support

    Zip's network of more than 90 technicians are qualified experts in drinking water appliances, available to set-up, support and maintain your HydroChill product.


  • Greener Choice

    Improve your environmental impact and install Zip HydroChill, and deliver economical, sustainable and delicious drinking water, without the need for plastic bottles.