On-Wall Boiling Water

Introducing the new touch-free adaptor


Now available to purchase, the new touch-free adaptor is compatible with most existing Autoboil and EconoBoil products. An ideal solution where there are particular concerns around hygiene.

Designed to help minimise the risks of cross contamination from hands-on operation, the convenient adaptor is easily removable for pot filling and is robust enough for regular cleaning and sanitising

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Instant Boiling Water

Not only cost-effective and energy-efficient, Zip’s instant boiling water means you’ll never have to wait by the kettle again. Delicious filtered water also makes the Hydroboil range perfect for tea, coffee and soup as well as for use in commercial kitchens.

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Hydroboil Plus

With safety, durability and simplicity in mind, the Hydroboil Plus is designed to easily handle the demands of busy workplaces and commercial kitchens, saving power when needed while ensuring boiling water is always available on demand.


Ideal for canteens and cafes the simple-to-use Autoboil offers great-tasting, instant boiling water as needed. Featuring thermostatic temperature control, a two-way tap and stainless steel boiling chamber the Autoboil can turn itself on and off as required, up to 5 times a day.


The first choice for site sheds and short-term tenancies, the Zip Econoboil provides instant boiling water for tea, coffee and soup. Featuring thermostatic temperature control with a two-way tap, the Autoboil can turn itself on and off as required, up to 5 times a day.