Office Drinking Water Solutions

 22 Sep 2022

Drinking water solutions for your office

Ensuring quality, reliability and convenience are key factors to providing fresh drinking water for staff and visitors to your office. Zip has decades of experience in delivering drinking water solutions for commercial and corporate environments, providing healthy and instant filtered drinking water to keep staff and guests hydrated. Plus, because Zip office water coolers and drinking water dispensers use the mains water to your property, you can have pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water, straight from the tap without the hassle of bottles.

High quality drinking water with superior filtration

Water enters from the mains, then passes through Zip’s world-class MicroPurity™ filtration system, which is certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9% to NSF 53 (health effects). Zip officer water coolers deliver nothing but pure tasting and healthy drinking water, providing your office with the highest-quality drinking water available.

Continuous flow and adjustable water temperature

Zip water coolers have an adjustable temperature range of 2 - 12, allowing you to select the temperature for chilled and ambient that suits your colleagues and visitors. Additionally, Zip water coolers have multi-functional taps with a soft-close feature, making it easy and convenient to fill larger cups, bottles and jugs. Each unit is fitted with an automatic shut-off valve for added safety, and there’s no need for a waste draining hose. These features make Zip water coolers and water dispensers suitable for a range of office environments, including kitchens, meeting rooms, receptions, staff rooms and showrooms.

The greener choice - better for the environment

Zip water coolers and water dispensers are connected directly to the mains water supply for your office, meaning no need for bottles, deliveries, storage or manual handling for your staff. Not only do Zip water coolers offer all these benefits for your business, they are also a much greener choice for the planet by eliminating the carbon impact of production, off-site filtration, freight and logistics.

Sleek designs in floor standing or counter-top designs

Zip has given the traditional water cooler a facelift, with sleek, easy-to-clean cabinet designs and whisper quiet operation. The Autochill is available in glossy black, while the Econochill comes in a sophisticated white. Both are available in counter-top or floor standing models, with 10.5 litre ambient capacity and 3.8 litre chilled capacity.

On-tap filtered water for even greater convenience

Looking to streamline your space even further? Why not look into Zip’s range of on-tap drinking water solutions. Choose from boiling, chilled and even sparkling water options, which are for staff rooms, meeting spaces and entertaining kitchens in the office. The HydroTap Touch-Free Wave provides a 100% hands-off solution to help enhance hygiene and improve infection control, while the award-winning Zip Micro is the tiny but powerful solution for smaller spaces. With a huge range of styles and designs, there is a Zip HydroTap for every office space.

Choose a maintenance plan for reliability and safety

Zip Water’s team of more than 100 certified technicians are available Australia-wide. Call our friendly Customer Care team or book a service online. For the greatest ease-of-mind, sign up to a Zip HydroCare plan for regular service, cleanse and filter check and change to fix any issues before they become problems and keep your water cooler in top condition.

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