Looking after your Zip HydroTap

 11 Jul 2022

Making sure your Zip HydroTap is well maintained will not only guarantee you fresh, pure-tasting filtered water, but will help keep your system working at its peak, for longer.

How often should you change a Zip filter?

This really depends on how much use your Zip HydroTap tap gets. In an average residential setting, a HydroTap will require a filter change annually. If you live in an area with lots of fine particles in the water, you may need to change the filter more often as these can build up within the filter and stop it working effectively.

Also, the number of people using the HydroTap will impact how often the filter needs changing. A small office would likely need to have the filter changed once or twice a year, but in larger settings where the HydroTap has more frequent usage, filter changes may be needed more frequently. The good thing is, your HydroTap system will let you know when to do this.

How do you know when a filter change is needed?

Your Zip HydroTap will tell you when the filter replacement is due. The change filter light on your system will flash until the filter has been replaced. You can do this yourself by purchasing a filter online, or book a service with one of our Zip Water service technicians.

How often do you need to change a Co2 bottle?

Zip HydroTap systems with sparkling water use co2 to carbonate the water. The co2 is supplied via a cartridge bottle, which can be replaced when the co2 runs out. Again, how often this will need replacing will depend on how much sparkling water you drink. If you drink around two litres of sparkling water a day, a bottle could last two to three months, however most residential users go through two to three bottles a year.

How often do you need to service a Zip tap?

We recommend an annual service for residential users. This can include a filter change, cleaning of air filters and testing the operation of components. We also recommend three-, six- or 12-monthly for commercial settings, depending on the volume of usage. Book a service online as needed at minimum every 12 months or you can sign up to one of our HydroCare plans which offer regular servicing and cleansing.

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How long does a Zip tap last?

The best way to ensure your Zip HydroTap system has a long life is regular inspection and maintenance by our qualified, professional Zip technicians. Our HydroCare plans make this simple, providing a complete range of services to inspect, clean, maintain, repair and sanitise your unit, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, pure-tasting filtered water without interruption. Our cost effective service plans help improve longevity and efficiency by finding and fixing any minor issues before they become problems. All HydroCare plans offer priority service, unit inspections and clean and cleanse.

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