Design a kitchen with energy efficiency in mind

 16 Jan 2017

With our natural move towards the connected home and energy prices on the rise, it’s important to make sure our appliance choices keep energy costs low.


An easy way to increase the energy efficiency of your kitchen is to change all of the fluorescent lights with LED lighting. LED lights are just as bright, low maintenance, quiet when switched on (unlike the older fashioned light bulbs) and are cooler to the touch, which is important if you have young children in your household.


Consider installing an on-demand hot water system. Instant hot water reduces your costs by not requiring the water to warm up in the pipes before running out of the tap.


Remember that having a smart kitchen means being a part of moving times. The beauty and curse of technology is that it’s constantly improving and changing. This means that auditing, monitoring and keeping your appliances updated is an important part of making sure the connected home is running smoothly and most efficiently. Purchasing appliances that automatically sends updates of its health and performance should also be a key factor in your decision-making.

Before making any big appliance purchases, make sure to do your research. Find out how much this new appliance can save you and if cost savings are worth the trouble. Also make sure the appliance is sustainable, accredited with internationally recognised environmental standards and that repair services are provided. Keep your mind at ease by having your product backed by warranty so you can request service if repairs are needed.

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