Prolonging the life of your Zip HydroTap system

 14 Mar 2023

At Zip Water, we want you to get the most out of your Zip HydroTap from day one. Our HydroCare service plans are specifically designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind, as our skilled certified service technicians will do the work for you to ensure your Zip tap stays in peak condition for longer.

What is Zip HydroCare?

We offer preventative maintenance plans across our entire range of our products to maintain the purity of your drinking water, and the lifespan of your Zip unit. Available for both residential and commercial systems, we have a HydroCare Plan for your system.

Regular inspections for peace of mind

Scheduled inspections ensure important maintenance checks don’t fall into the ‘do it later’ basket, which can too often become ‘do it when it’s broken’ basket. Zip HydroCare plans offer regular clean, cleanse and inspections by our large fleet of service technicians, who are trained to professionally service and repair your Zip HydroTap. These regular service calls keep your HydroTap in top working order and most of all keep you stress free.

Technician servicing HydroTap

No unexpected costs

With regular, scheduled maintenance appointments, Zip HydroCare plans are more economical than ad-hoc servicing, helping you to budget, plan ahead and avoid the surprise of unexpected costs. HydroCare plans have quarterly or annual billing options, with filters and other consumables charged only when needed.

Qualified experts and guaranteed work

Zip’s fleet of over 100 certified service technicians are factory-trained and qualified to service all Zip Water systems, nation-wide. Zip Water takes quality very seriously and is committed to customer satisfaction and compliance, with ISO accreditation in quality management, health and safety and environmental management. In fact, 80% of Zip customers have rated Zip Water technicians 9 or 10 out of 10, demonstrating our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Zip Technicans

Six levels of care for every budget

Zip Water offers six HydroCare plans, from Bronze to Platinum, so there is a HydroCare plan to suit every household or commercial site requirement. Zip HydroCare services provide a clean, cleanse, inspect, counter resets and filter changes as standard care, with additional services such as all call-outs and CO2 changes as optional extras.

Pure tasting water - all the time

With Zip’s easy and efficient HydroCare plans, you can be assured your Zip system will not only remain in perfect condition but operate at peak performance so you can enjoy pure-tasting drinking water, every time. Talk to us today for more information.

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