Important information for health and aged care facilities

 04 May 2020

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is constantly changing, our priority at Zip Water remains unchanged – the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the whole community.

We are here to help keep essential services operating during these challenging times.

Changing how we work to remain safe

For our health and aged care facility customers, Zip’s service team are available to carry out all maintenance and repair works for our products.

Updated service guidelines outlines how our service technicians are performing their service calls-

  • We are instructing our technicians to maintain social distancing so they keep at least 1.5 metres away from other people on-site and meet the other social distancing requirements;
  • We are instructing our technicians to try wherever possible to maintain a reasonable distance (approximately 1-2 metres) from other people on-site;
  • We have suspended the need for a signature on our electronic proof of service system;
  • Our technicians have been equipped with hand sanitiser so that they can maintain our normal high standards of hygiene;
  • We have enacted pro-active procedures should any of our Zip Water employees report they are feeling unwell so they do not continue at work
This may mean it could take longer than normal to service your products, however, if you can allow us access outside of normal business hours and weekends please inform us when you request your service visit as we may be able to offer this to you, location dependant. This will also reduce any risk to our team and yours alike.

Additional precautions for health and aged care facilities

Risk assessment process
When booking a service either online or via 1800 ZIP TAP, health and aged care facility customers will be asked to complete an online risk assessment. This is to ensure the safety of our service team, as well as your staff on site. Once the form has been submitted, the service request will be reviewed by an internal panel and processed.

Restrictions on entry into and visitors to aged care facilities

In accordance with the Australian Government Department of Health, Zip Water will ensure that service technicians that have received the flu vaccination will be deployed for service calls to aged care facilities.

On approach to the service appointment
On the day of the service visit, the Zip Water service technician will contact the premises on approach to ask some questions, to confirm if it is safe to proceed with the visit.

During the service appointment
Your co-operation is appreciated when our team are attending:

  • We would appreciate your co-operation to ensure that we have access whilst limiting contact with anyone at your location. We will give you as much notice as possible in advance of a visit so that you can prepare.
  • Please inform us if you become aware of any person(s) that have tested positive before we attend or make our technicians team member aware when they call ahead of the visit;
  • Ensure you allow our technicians access to your restroom for hand washing and use of your sanitiser
Zip Water is available to discuss your requirements with you during this time. Please contact us on 1800 ZIP TAP.

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