Does your filter do what it claims to do? Advice for Zip Water product users

 04 Oct 2019

There is a growing trend of water filters in the market that claim to be compatible for use with Zip Water products, including the Zip HydroTap.

When choosing a water filter for your Zip product, you need to ensure that it is certified to removing contaminants in your water.

These are the THREE things we consider you should look for when choosing a water filter:
  1. Only buy water filters which have a WaterMark – which is the mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products. It ensures that products being installed by licensed plumbers comply with the Plumbing Code and the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.
  2. Check that the WaterMark is certified to AS/NZS 3497:1998
  3. If a performance claim is being made (such as reduction of cysts), make sure it is also tested and verified to AS/NZS 4348:1995 – this relates to performance testing – it is specific to filters, and it certifies and verifies that your filter will reduce impurities and potentially harmful contaminants.

You can check if your filter meets both standards by looking at the Performance Data Sheet that is required to be supplied with the filter.

Along with WaterMark certifications, the filtration systems from Zip Water are certified to NSF standards, to prove that our filters reduce a particular set of contaminants from drinking water.

CertifiedGenuine Filters

Zip’s MicroPurity filters will reduce impurities and potentially harmful contaminants larger than 0.2 microns in size – an impurity that small will fit 250 times into a strand of hair.

CertifiedGenuine Filters

Our filters are certified to reduce chlorine, taste, odour, bacteria, sediment and limescale in line with NSF 42 (aesthetic effects) and Watermark requirements. Zip MicroPurity filtration is also certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, 98.9% of lead 8.5 and 99.3% of lead 6.5 to NSF 53 (health effects). See Zip’s Performance Data Sheet listed below

To learn more about water filters click here to read an article from Choice.

A genuine Zip filter is guaranteed to fit the filter head of your Zip Water system correctly. Be sure you are buying a genuine Zip water filter by having your product serviced by a qualified Zip technician or by purchasing from the Zip Water website.

For more advice, call Zip Water Customer Care on 1800 ZIP TAP.


Zip performance data sheets

 Zip Part No.        
 Product name   Performance Data Sheet       



  Zip Micropurity filter for commercial use
  size 1.5 Carbon free
  Zip Micropurity filter for commercial use
  size 2 Carbon free

  Zip Micropurity filter for residential use
  size 1
  Zip Micropurity filter for commercial use
  size 1.5
  Zip Micropurity filter for commercial use
  size 2
  Zip GlobalPlus filter for residential and commercial
  Zip GlobalPlus filter residential and commercial use
  91291   Zip GlobalPlus filter for residential and commercial
  Zip GlobalPlus filter ZGP 40S
  Zip GlobalPlus filter  ZGP 60S 

  91240   Zip by Everpure filter for residential and commercial use  
  size 2