Zip HydroTap - Australia’s leading water filter tap

 08 Feb 2022

Zip HydroTap - Australia’s leading water filter tap

For 75 years, Zip Water has been innovating how Australians access drinking water, creating better drinking water solutions for Australian workplaces, businesses, hospitality and homes. Zip’s dedication to trialling and testing its systems, as well as their drive in pursuing excellence, efficiency and health, have made Zip Water Australia’s leading water filter tap.

Superior water filtering and purification

Tap water comes from a range of sources including dams, rain and groundwater, and is treated with chemicals such as chlorine to make it safer to drink. The pipes that municipal water travels through to get to your home or workplace can be over 100 years old and potentially full of contaminants such as dirt, rust and parasitic micro-organisms that have the potential to make you very sick.

Zip’s world-class water filtration technology is certified to reduce chlorine, taste, odour, bacteria, sediment and limescale in line with NSF 42 (aesthetic effects) and Watermark requirements. Zip MicroPurity filtration is also certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9% to NSF 53 (health effects). Fluoride, which is soluble, is not removed during filtration. Only genuine Zip filters can offer this level of protection.

Boiling, chilled or sparkling? – one tap, every option

Zip HydroTap water filter taps streamline water solutions in your home, workplace, or business, making every option for drinking water available from the one tap. Choose from filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water without the need for other appliances, bottled water or refrigeration. Zip’s water delivery systems provide clear, clean and safe workspaces and extra storage room.

Best Sparkling water on tap

One of Zip’s most-loved innovations is the option of chilled sparkling water on tap. Zip’s perfectly carbonated, lightly sparkling & fresh, filtered sparkling water completely revolutionises the need for bottled sparkling water. For hospitality venues particularly this has enormous benefits, freeing up refrigerator space for higher value products and reducing the manual processes of delivery, storage and waste disposal. For home and business customers, Zip sparkling water provides convenience and health benefits, with some customers claiming having sparkling water on-tap has helped reduce their soft drink consumption. 

Qualified and expert customer service

Zip’s commitment to customer satisfaction has always been core to the company’s ethos. A national team of specially trained technicians are dedicated to supporting Zip customers, with expertise in installing and maintaining all Zip water products. Zip maintains ISO accreditation in quality management, health and safety and environmental management, systems which ensure Zip customers enjoy pure-tasting, healthy drinking water straight from the tap.

A style to suit any aesthetic

Like any good design, Zip HydroTap water filter taps aren’t just about functionality. With a wide range of configurations, designs and finishes, there is a Zip water filter tap to suit any home, business, hospitality venue or establishment, meaning you don’t have to compromise on style to achieve the drinking water solution you want.

The new contactless HydroTap Touch-Free Wave also provides touchless activation, perfect for workplaces looking to reduce touchpoints for employees, showing Zip’s dedication to innovation in drinking water technology and responding to the changing needs of customers.

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