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Upon purchasing this product, our customer care team will contact you to discuss the following requirements:

  • Is the Zip unit onsite?
  • Sufficient Power Supply - 1 x 10 amp (within 1 metre of the installation location)
  • Water available to unit
  • Is stone bench cutting required?
  • Will your Zip unit be installed over a font or sink?
  • Sufficient space available in cabinetry - available in the product install guide


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RRP $ 499 .00 incl. GST

Access our national fleet of certified installation experts to install your HydroTap in residential and commercial locations.

Our certified installation service includes stone cutting for tap and font installation, as well as commissioning the system.

Available in Australian metro areas only where suitable power and water are available within 1 metre of the installation location, excludes cutting of fixtures and major plumbing modifications.

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