How to use the levers and safety button on your Zip HydroTap

Relates to: Zip HydroTap G4

Boiling water

A unique safety lock eliminates the risk of accidental discharge of boiling water.
Press both the red lever and the “safety” button at the same time for access to boiling water. 

To deactivate the safety button, hold the chilled lever and safety button for 10 seconds until the safety button turns off, it is now disabled and you can have boiling water access by simply depressing the red lever.

Repeat the process to reactivate the safety button as required.

Hands Free 
Flick the red lever towards you and boiling water will run for any pre set period of 5-15 seconds.

Chilled or Ambient water

Press the blue lever to dispense either chilled or Ambient filtered water, depending on which model of HydroTap you are using. 

Hands Free
Flick the blue lever towards you and a set limit of 700ml of chilled or ambient water will run which is especially useful for filling water bottles or carafes.

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