Zip x OIO – An origin story

 03 Sep 2021

In 2018, chartered accountant Nick Chiarelli met career environmentalist Tim Silverwood to discuss a vision to improve the health of the ocean.

Decades of ocean mismanagement combined with a rapidly growing population; industrialisation and the ever-increasing threats created by climate change place the long-term health of the ocean at risk. Without a healthy ocean there can be no healthy ‘us.’

Nick and Tim created OIO and three years later, they are on the path to achieving their mission ‘to create an abundant and sustainable ocean’. They are currently on the lookout for up-and-coming start-ups and entrepreneurs who can demonstrate new innovations that help the ocean.

For Zip Water, partnering with Ocean Impact Organisation was a simple decision. We’re dedicated to reducing plastic waste – and they’re dedicated to protecting the Ocean. Together, we’re going to accelerate the next generation of sustainability innovation.

Zip Water is proud to be sponsoring this year’s OIO Pitchfest Plastic Pollution Solution Spotlight Award.

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