Zip Water Showcases New HydroChill at Sustainability Awards 2018

 19 Nov 2018

This year, Zip Water proudly sponsored the 12th Annual Sustainability Awards held by Architecture & Design. As Australia’s first and longest running sustainable building awards, the initiative highlights the importance of Australian companies working towards a more efficient and ecologically friendly built environment.

Over 150 projects, people and products were submitted to the 2018 Sustainability Awards, all of which exhibited a high calibre and level of design. The jury hand-pick 12 winners they believed pushed sustainability in the architecture and design industry to new frontiers, and that helped propel Australia’s leading architects onto the global stage.

This year, Zip Water presented the award for The Best of the Best which saw architectural practice EME Design take home the award for their work on ‘Passive Butterfly’, a residential heritage home with an unprecedented energy efficient and sustainable design approach which included a design that optimised spatial efficiency, maintained a compact footprint, generated more energy than it required, and re-used collected rainwater for toilets and the productive garden.


At Zip Water, we pride ourselves on sustainable practice and energy efficiency which is why for this year’s event, we showcased our new Zip HydroChill which delivers high-capacity, pure tasting, filtered drinking water, designed to meet the high-volume swift flow demands of staff and customers in the workplace. The HydroChill design is economical and sustainable, delivering delicious drinking water without the need for plastic bottles in the workplace.