Zip Water x Pitchfest - Plastic Pollution Solution Award

 16 Sep 2021

New research released by Zip Water shows that Australians believe themselves to be quite environmentally conscious. Two thirds of Australian survey respondents reported that they are recycling as much as they can, two thirds reported that they let their clothes dry naturally, and more than half reported using a refillable water bottle.

Yet, almost half of Australians surveyed believe plastic bottles are not bad for the environment because they can be recycled. But, according to the World Wildlife Fund less than 12% of the plastic we use is recycled. This means the belief Australians are doing the right thing by the planet isn’t stacking up with reality.

Zip Water is committed to being part of the solution. When we saw this research, we knew we wanted to take the work we were already doing in plastic reduction one step further. That’s where our partnership with Ocean Impact Organisation (OIO) comes in. 

This year, we’re sponsoring the Plastic Pollution Solution Award at the Ocean Impact Organisation PitchFest. The award will reward a high-quality applicant working on an innovative solution to reduce ocean plastic pollution with $10,000 cash and extensive exposure through OIO and their Partner Network.

We’re excited to see the applications in the coming weeks and are proud to be supporting the next generation of innovators in this vital area of sustainability.

For more information and to apply, visit: