Zip Water launches brand new HydroTap All-In-One ARC design

 09 Aug 2017

With modern kitchen trends focusing on de-cluttering the kitchen sink, Zip Water introduces the beautifully designed Zip HydroTap® All-In-One ARC design which now delivers all home water needs from a single tap. The new design is a result of overwhelming demand from Zip Water customers wanting a product that delivers all – instant filtered, boiling, chilled and sparkling water, combined with a regular mixer tap with unfiltered hot and cold-water options (perfect for washing up).

Zip Water have been working closely with the design community to understand their customer’s requirements when choosing a water appliance that services all of their boiling, chilled and sparkling needs. The team administered a variety of qualitative research and worked alongside a range of different design and retail specifiers to get an insightful look into exactly what consumers were looking for. This resulted in the coveted All-In-One ARC design.

With advanced energy efficiency and best-in-class cooling technology, the Zip HydroTap® All-in-One ARC also performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Unlike water-cooled systems, its air-cooled ventilation system doesn’t use precious water during the cooling process, instantly quenching your thirst while doing its bit to help the planet.

It has also been announced that the new Zip Water HydroTap® All-In-One ARC has been awarded a Good Design Award for Product Design in the 2017 Good Design Awards in Sydney this month.

Every Zip HydroTap® also comes with a 3-year warranty supported by Australia’s largest company-owned installation and service team. When water is this irresistible, it’s easier than ever to drink more and improve your wellbeing, health and happiness.