ZIP HydroTap at The Sydney Festival

 01 Sep 2014

The Sydney Festival is an iconic event on the city’s arts calendar. Every January, Sydney is transformed into a performance paradise to celebrate dance, music, arts and culture. Offering an incredibly diverse selection of performances, The Sydney Festival is open to all and often attracts visitors from across Australia and around the world who travel specifically to the city to enjoy this event. In 2014, The Sydney Festival hosted 340 performances and around 100 events featuring more than 700 artists across more than 30 venues.

The demands on the organisers of The Sydney Festival to deliver a world-class event are extremely high and it stands to reason that the organisers will only choose partner companies that have the same level of expertise within their own industries.

Zip Industries has been a sponsor of The Sydney Festival since 2010 and prides itself on its delivery of complimentary chilled filtered drinking water to all festival visitors. With drinking stations located at significant points throughout the city, Zip’s HydroTap is able to cater for all attendees.

Sydney’s summer is at its peak in January and it’s vital for visitors and attendees to ensure adequate access to fresh, filtered, chilled drinking water to maintain hydration when the weather is hot. Zip’s HydroTap not only delivers instant chilled drinking water but its state-of-the-art 0.2-micron filtration system ensures the water is crystal-clear and tastes fabulous. With impurities as tiny as five-thousandth of a millimetre removed, The Sydney Festival attendees can stay hydrated and healthy as they enjoy performances and events from local and internationally-acclaimed artists across a variety of venues.

To ensure consistent supply, the HydroTaps are serviced and maintained regularly by Zip’s team of technicians throughout the Festival. Did you visit a Zip HydroTap station during The Sydney Festival? If so, upload a pic of you enjoying your filtered chilled drinking water to Instagram and tag it with #ziphydrotap