Zip HydroTap Arc & Zip HydroTap Cube New Design Range Receives 2015 Good Design Award®

 22 Jul 2015

Good Design Award®, Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in design and innovation. The Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines and has its origins dating back to 1958. There are seven main categories represented with more than 25 sub-categories, representing one of the most comprehensive design awards in the world.

The Zip HydroTap Arc & Zip HydroTap Cube New Design Range have been developed to respond to consumer needs with unsurpassed user-friendly functionality, combined with innovative new G4 technology. The Zip HydroTap delivers filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water, instantly all from one tap. The indicator and the selector button change colour to indicate the water selected. Once selected, the user pulls the lever forward for hands free continuous filling, or pushes the lever away for momentary dispensing.

The Judges commented: “Zip have been renowned for designing high-end quality products for many years and this product lifts the game to a whole new level. In what is becoming a very competitive market, the new Zip HydroTap Range stands out for its intuitive touch controls and elegant design. Customers in this segment are looking for brilliant functionality blended with thoughtful aesthetics and the designers have nailed both."

The Awards were announced at the 2015 Good Design Awards Ceremony on 29 May in front of 700 national and international guests as part of the annual Vivid Sydney celebrations. The Good Design Award® is regarded as one of the most coveted awards for design and innovation in the world. Entries must represent excellence in design at every level where judges carefully consider various factors including innovation, quality, functionality, sustainability and above all, world-class design.

The Good Design Awards conducts one of the most rigorous assessment processes in the world and to receive this honour is a brilliant achievement. Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia who manages the annual Awards program said, “This year’s Awards attracted some of the most innovative companies from all over the world. For a project to be recognised at this level means without doubt, it is the best of its kind in the world,” Dr. Gien said. “I’m very pleased that the Zip HydroTap Arc & Zip HydroTap Cube New Design Range has received a Good Design Award®, it is a testament to the design brilliance that has brought this project to market,” said Dr. Gien.

The 2015 Good Design Award® Winners can be viewed on: