What is so special about Sparkling Water?

 15 Feb 2023

Add some fizz to your life with Zip Water sparkling water.

Water is critical to our health and wellbeing, and staying adequately hydrated is one of the simplest ways to sustain your concentration, stamina and mood. At Zip Water, our focus is providing the highest quality, most enjoyable drinking water possible, which is why our range of drinking water solutions also includes instant sparkling water – straight from the tap!

Which is best – still or sparkling?

The first question most people ask about sparkling water is whether it is as healthy as still water. And the answer is yes! Provided there are no other additives such as sugars or artificial sweeteners, still and sparkling water offer the same hydration effects. This means you can switch to sparkling completely guilt-free!

Perfectly refreshing

For many, the simple addition of bubbles significantly increases their enjoyment of drinking water. Some customers have even reported their new sparkling water tap has helped them kick their soft drink habit! Zip Water’s ColdCore compression technology produces consistent, lightly-bubbled sparkling water that is easy to drink, and the convenience of filtered sparkling water straight from the tap makes meeting your daily water quota simple and better yet – enjoyable!

The perfect mixer

Sparkling water is a fantastic ingredient for cocktails, mocktails and spritzers. It can be added to regular drinks including soft drinks, cordials and fruit juice to dilute strong flavours and reduce sugar content per glass. Sparkling water is also great when added to wine, beer and cider allowing you to help enjoy your favourite beverages on a day or night out while also ensuring you keep your water up. For those who don’t like the bitterness of tonic water, sparkling water is a great substitute. Sparkling water is also a great way to make healthy tonics such as kombucha and apple cider vinegar more palatable.

Closed loop system

Zip is conscientious about ensuring our products do not cause harm to the environment. Our Environmental Product Declaration details the environmental impact the Zip HydroTap has throughout its lifecycle, from the production and processing of raw materials, to manufacturing, distribution, installation, ongoing usage, maintenance and filter changing, right down to the product’s end-of-life. Our products are designed and built to last, come with industry-leading warranties and are supported by a highly skilled team of certified service technicians to help you prolong the life of your Zip system.

Sparkling water – the great entertainer

A Zip Water sparkling water tap in your kitchen means you will never be caught short when guests drop in. A freshly poured glass of sparkling water is a lovely way to make someone feel welcome. For larger events and parties, jugs for the table can be quickly and easily filled and refilled, without the storage and refrigeration hassle of pre-bought bottles. Add mint and lemon, frozen berries or sliced fruits to add colour and flavour.

Convenience, style and purity

Our sparkling water HydroTaps come with Zip MicroPurity technology, ensuring you and your family are drinking the most pure, healthy water possible. Plus, you don’t need any additional tapware or fixtures as the sparkling water feature is streamlined within your choice of HydroTap, providing an elegant, simple and incredibly convenient access to pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water with no additional appliances required. Zip Water offers a huge range of stylish HydroTaps, ensuring there is the perfect drinking water solution for every home.

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