What is a mixer tap?

 08 Jan 2024

All-In-One versus separate mixer taps – choosing the right tap

Zip Water’s drinking water technology innovation has always been focused on creating a great experience for our customers. Our products are designed to maximise taste, health, convenience, and safety, with limited environmental impact. We know water use in the kitchen is much more than just drinking water. We need it to prepare food, cook and wash up, which is why Zip has created its range of mixer taps.

What is a mixer tap?

Zip Water’s All-In-One mixer taps are the world’s most advanced drinking water system. These carefully engineered mixer taps combine boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water, plus unfiltered hot and cold water, all from the one tap. All-In-One models can offer five water options for all your kitchen needs, seamlessly and elegantly.

Chrome HydroTap G5 Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out

Benefits of an All-In-One

Space-saving and efficiency are the clear benefits here, making All-In-One mixer taps the perfect choice for tight spaces and streamlined looks. Choose from manually operated systems, using a knob to select your water options, or a clever intuitive touch-pad (with antimicrobial protection) to make your selections with the tap of a finger. Both styles have a separate lever for unfiltered water on the opposite side of the tap. A compact under bench command centre operates the system, houses filters and CO2 canisters for sparkling water carbonation, and is easily controlled using the interactive touch screen. All you need is a hot and cold-water supply.

Separate filtered drinking and unfiltered water taps

There are benefits to separate taps too. You can fill a pot for boiling while topping up a glass of freshly chilled sparkling water or make a cup of tea while rinsing vegetables for cooking. When designing the placement, you can position your taps exactly where you want them for maximum convenience for each tap’s intended use (right over the sink for unfiltered, for example, and close to the benchtop for the drinking water tap. Many people like the look of having two taps side by side, while others prefer a single tap.

Seven designs and a range of finishes

Zip HydroTap come in seven tap designs including straight, arc and cube, to suit all kitchen styles from traditional to contemporary. Our beautiful finishes range from Chrome, Brushed Rose Gold to the ever-popular Matte Black. Whatever your kitchen aesthetic, there is a HydroTap to suit.

HydroCare maintenance

Keep your HydroTap in peak working condition with regular cleanse and maintenance checks. Zip HydroCare plans make it easy to stay on top of servicing, so you can enjoy pure tasting, healthy, clean and delicious water straight from the tap, for longer.

Configure your HydroTap

Find the perfect HydroTap water filter for your home or office, with our clever selector tool. To keep your HydroTap working at its peak, don’t forget to look into our HydroCare plans, which provide regular maintenance, cleanse and filter changes, helping to ensure your HydroTap is working efficiently and producing the best tasting, purest water for you and your family.

Configure your perfect HydroTap