Under sink water filters – a win for home kitchens

 18 May 2022

Under sink water filters – a win for home kitchens

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of drinking filtered water at home, choosing to install water filters that take the guesswork out of water quality. Under sink water filters are an excellent option for residential kitchens, offering a range of benefits to families and households who want to ensure their drinking water is clean, pure and healthy.

Under sink, out of mind

With Zip’s under sink water filter system, everything happens beneath the bench. All the technology is hidden, keeping your benchtops clear of clutter. Additionally, Zip’s water filtration technology operates quietly, so you won’t even realise the system is even there.

Superior filtration without affecting flow

Other filtered water solutions, such as tap-mounted filters, filtered water jugs and some counter top models, slow the flow of water during filtration. Zip’s powerful under sink water filters on the other hand, can filter large amounts of water – 3.75 litres per minute, delivering up to 100 boiling cups and 75 chilled cups per hour! This means you can fill jugs and large bottles to take to the table as quickly and easily as a single glass or mug, with no impact on flow speeds.

Energy efficient heating and chilling

Zip’s patented PowerPulse™ technology is the most efficient way of heating and maintaining set boiling water temperature for always-available boiling water. PowerPulse™ delivers instantaneous small energy bursts to the heating element, efficiently maintaining a precise temperature instead of overheating and cooling, which wastes energy and results in boiling water at inconsistent temperatures. Plus, Zip’s Direct DryChilling innovation uses a lightweight aluminium MicroChannel Condenser to deliver advanced heat transfer capabilities to drive the system’s overall cooling efficiencies, delivering perfectly chilled water consistently at the ideal temperature. All this happens within the under sink water filter unit beneath your bench.

Leading-edge water filtration

Zip’s MicroPurity 0.2 micron filtration is certified to reduce chlorine, taste, odour, bacteria, sediment and limescale in line with NSF 42 (aesthetic effects) and Watermark requirements. It’s also certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9% to NSF 53 (health effects), leaving nothing but pure, clean-tasting filtered drinking water from your under sink water filter system.

Huge range of styles and finishes

Zip are not just experts in water filtration, but leaders in the design and style of water filter taps. The huge range of styles and finishes means there is a HydroTap option to suit every space. From matte black to brushed rose gold finishes, to curved or squared tap designs, Zip’s wide selection means you can find the perfect HydroTap for your home.

Choose your style and configure your HydroTap here.