Top Kitchen Tap Trends 2023

 13 Mar 2023

While your kitchen taps may not often be the first consideration when it comes to the big job of designing or renovating a kitchen, your choice of tapware can make a big difference on the overall impact of the design. Here are some key trends to look out for in 2023.

Mixed metals

Once upon a time it was a big no-no to have more than one metal in your kitchen – everything had to match. This concept is being turned on its head, with new looks bringing in gold, silver, chrome and gunmetal across taps, handles, draw pulls and other hardware. The look can be tied together through different finishes, such as brushed or glossy, highly polished looks of chrome or silver, or completely contrasted with a medley of metals against consistent cabinetry.

Zip HydroTap Gunmetal

Matte black

The most significant look of the past decade continues to reign. Matte black’s classic simplicity suits every aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for contrast against whites and neutral tones (another trend for 2023), or for a consistent element to tie together a more eclectic look, matte black is a classic choice that is bold, versatile and refuses to date.

Zip HydroTap Matte Black

Aged metals

While not quite a return to the industrial look of exposed pipes against concrete walls, some designers are looking to the interesting finishes of aged metals to add character and a point of difference to new kitchen designs. Considering the user is important, however, as traditional style taps can be difficult to operate, especially for very young hands and those that are getting older. The look doesn’t quite work with mixer style handles, so be conscious of this if choosing this style.

Sleek, unfussy silhouettes

In contrast to the aged look, streamlined taps are back. Always easy on the eye, classy curved or cubed looks (such as the HydroTap Arc Plus or Cube Plus range) are classic choices for kitchen designers looking to minimise disruptions to clean lines, such as those created by commercial kitchen style extendable rinsers.

Zip HydroTap Arc Plus

Full-service taps

As tiny homes grow in popularity, designers are looking to maximise smaller spaces and increase functional living. This is where multi-purpose taps shine. Zip Water’s HydroTap range offers a variety of options for boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus ambient for cooking and washing, all from the one tap, providing an all-in-one solution for your kitchen, whatever the size.

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