Timeless Design on the Sydney Coastline

 18 Sep 2019

The stretch of suburbs in Sydney’s east is home to the picturesque Australian coastal landscape that the city is renowned for. Redefining the quintessential beach home, Sydney-based creative powerhouse, Tom Mark Henry reflects the true meaning of contemporary coastal living within the beachside suburb of Clovelly.

A design team that thrives on the development of unique and exceptional spaces, Clovelly House demonstrates Tom Mark Henry’s passion for genuine and honest design. Working closely with the clients, the residence is a true reflection of the joy in their everyday routine and lifestyle of living by the beach. Long-time residents of the area, it was important for this particular house to take in consideration of the surroundings and have a sympathetic approach while pushing the boundaries of what is already present within the suburb.

Clovelly House

Situated on a 350sqm site, the presence of unique landscaping and zinc cladding is visible from the street demonstrating the dynamic studio’s focus on distinct and meticulous design. The large custom timber door highlights the entrance to the house – capturing the essence of beachside living; the foyer is filled with natural light transcending the resident into a space employing the relaxed and ethereal spirit of Clovelly.

Clovelly House

The choice and composition of materials are synonymous to the coastal dialogue of Clovelly. The presence of marble, timber, concrete and terrazzo repeatedly throughout the house unite the different areas and capture the true essence of the coast. The palette highlights the designer’s focus on durable and timeless materials in a humble orchestration layering or materials and contemporary design pieces. The custom joinery, handmade tiles, bathroom terrazzo details and natural marble that dress the kitchen countertops echo the Tom Mark Henry brand of sophisticated elegance at its finest.

Clovelly House

The seamless transition between the exterior and interior is enhanced through the use of polished concrete floors. As soon as the front door is opened, the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is blurred. The operable louvred screens invite the natural light, coastal breeze and expansive views to flow throughout the space.

Clovelly House

On the first floor, the kitchen, dining and living spaces are strategically placed to maximise the ocean views. Sitting on the kitchen bench top, the Zip HydroTap is the perfect addition for the coastal beach sanctuary. Designed for a prime spot to view the extensive views of the Sydney coastline, the kitchen creates a space for conversation and connectivity with the outdoors. The delivery of instant filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water gives the residents the opportunity to stay efficiently hydrated while enjoying the spectacular view of the Clovelly cliffs and coastline. With the ease of just one tap, the Zip HydroTap Arc is a stylish detail to accommodate the beach lifestyle.

Zip HydroTap Arc

Celebrating the iconic Sydney coastline, the Clovelly residence pays respect to the surrounding environment of the eastern suburbs that is uniquely Australian. Exploring the balance of warmth and the coastal cool aesthetic through tonality, texture and form, Tom Mark Henry holistically represents respectful and thoughtful design in the narrative between the old and new style of beach home.