The surprising benefits of on-tap sparkling water at home

 20 Jun 2022

There is a lot to love about having sparkling water on tap at home, not the least being the clean, pure taste of freshly sparkling water. While you may think it is a luxury you cannot afford, a sparkling water tap in your kitchen is something that will well and truly pay itself off in savings, benefits and convenience.

Drinking sparkling water is good for your health

Choosing sparkling water can lead to a number of healthier habits, including reduced consumption of carbonated soft drinks which are largely full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, and increased consumption of water overall. In fact, 80% of HydroTap owners report they now drink more water. Drinking sparkling water has all the benefits of regular H2O, just with bubbles! Having fresh, chilled sparkling water straight from the tap makes it an easy, convenient and healthy go-to – just grab a glass, fill and drink!

Instant sparkling water reduces shopping, shipping, and storage

If you enjoy sparkling water, having a sparkling water tap at home will dramatically simplify your life. No more trolleys filled with single use bottles that have to be carried to the car, hauled inside and stored till you are ready to put them in the fridge to chill.

Even better – no more plastic waste! Single use sparkling water bottles, like all soft drink bottles, are not an environmentally friendly choice. Sparkling water straight from the tap to your glass means you bypass that whole production and transport system, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping kilos of plastic out of the recycling and waste systems.

Brushed Gold HydroTap

How does a sparkling water tap work?

It is easy to have instant sparking water at your fingertips, when you have a Zip HydroTap. Simply press the bubbles icon on your HydroTap, and instantly chilled and lightly sparkling water will flow smoothly and easily from the tap to your glass.

Zip’s ColdCore compression technology is a bespoke method of creating better carbonation under pressure, ensuring your sparkling water is chilled, perfectly bubbly and ready to drink, every time.

Are sparkling water taps hard to maintain?

Compared to the effort required to shop for, handle, chill and dispose of bottled sparkling water, Zip’s sparkling water taps could not be easier. Select a HydroTap with the sparkling water option and the only additional step required is to replace the CO2 cartridge when it runs out. This can be done during your regular or scheduled Zip maintenance service, but is easy enough to do it yourself (instructions can be found on our FAQs here).

How often does the CO2 need replacing in a sparkling water tap?

This depends on how much sparkling water you drink. A residential HydroTap comes with two CO2 bottles, each making up 120 litres of sparkling water. So, if you drink one litre a day, your CO2 will last 120 days, or around four months. If you drink less, it will last even longer. Additionally, Zip’s new G5 command centre has a feature that lets you know when the CO2 is running low.

Is a sparkling water tap as good as bottled sparkling water?

This is the big question – will the sparkling water from a Zip HydroTap be just as good as the bottled variety? Zip’s extensive research and development has led to a custom carbonation process that ensures the sparkling water from a HydroTap will be perfect, every time. So not only are you doing good for the planet and benefiting from convenience, but you also lose absolutely nothing in quality and taste.

Are you ready for, pure-tasting, filtered and perfectly sparkling water, straight from the tap? Configure the perfect HydroTap for your home.

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