Tackling the Plastic Problem. How to reduce the impact of single-use plastic bottles in commercial environments.

 10 Oct 2022

While we have some of the highest quality tap water in the world, many Australians choose to drink water bottled in plastic. Bottled water is marketed to us as cleaner, safer and tastier than tap water, creating a perception that bottled water is overall ‘better.’ Convenience is another factor as to why bottled water remains the beverage of choice. Instead of having to bring their own reusable bottle, people can simply buy bottled water, stay hydrated and discard it if they are on the go.

However, the seemingly innocuous act of discarding a plastic bottle has significant impacts on the environment. Billions of items of plastic waste are polluting our oceans, lakes, and rivers, and piling up on landfills where they harm our natural ecosystems. The manufacture of plastic products is also a significant drain on natural resources, requiring giant amounts of fossil fuels to make and transport.

Addressing the plastic problem will require multiple interventions across every industry, but designers and specifiers have a significant role to play.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the environmental, economic and health impact of plastic water bottles and examine trends and solutions that reduce our reliance on single-use plastic bottles across various industries. 

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