Staying Hydrated in Autumn

 21 Mar 2017

Staying hydrated in general proves difficult for most Australians. With summer days behind us, we’re sweating less but does that mean our hydration needs change? The truth is, staying properly hydrated in the cooler months is just as important (if not more) than staying hydrated in the summer.

Here’s why staying hydrated in autumn is especially crucial:

Fights off illness

Your body is made up of mostly water. It needs water to do basic humans functions like digesting, thinking, concentrating and managing stress levels. Keeping properly hydrated ensures that your body maintains the strength it needs to fight off bad bacteria and infections. Stay healthy and avoid getting sick in the first place by getting those 8 or more glasses a day!

Keeps skin healthy

The lack of humidity and dry air of autumn can jeopardise your skin’s beauty regime. Want healthy glowing skin throughout the year? Maintaining proper hydration levels helps relieve dull/cracking skin and keeps your skin soft and smooth during the tougher months.

Aids chapped lips

Having chapped lips is a major annoyance of autumn. The change of wind can damage your lip’s barrier and actually suck the moisture out of it. Though, it is primarily caused by a loss of hydration from the natural oils and lipids of your lips. So, if you want soft, attractive lips 365 days a year, drink more water!

Without the heat of summer days to constantly remind us to grab a drink, the need to stay hydrated quite often gets put on the backburner. Get back on track by having instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water on tap so you can enjoy water all year round, any way you like it. Find out more about the Zip HydroTap here