Sophistication and Luxury

 14 Jul 2020

With a timeless appeal and packed with modern inclusions, this boutique apartment display suite provides a glimpse into a lifestyle that awaits the purchaser. The Oxlade Residences display suite showcases a typical apartment in this 39-boutique- apartment development.

As the display suite, it functions as the sales and marketing showroom to allow potential purchasers to discover and engage with the space, as well as view the fittings and fixtures and gain a sense of the overall project.

The Oxlade Residence by the Seymour Group

The kitchen was the focus of the apartment’s design, so it was important that it reflect the sophistication and luxury expected by potential buyers. The goal was to provide the ultimate in luxury lifestyle living so great attention was paid to the selected materials, fittings and fixtures.

Within the open-plan area, the kitchen feels more an extension of the living room rather than a stand-alone, utilitarian space. This has been achieved by the use of a minimal palette of tones, textures and colours that highlight the natural materials such as stone and timber veneer. The brass highlights are complemented by the Zip HydroTap Elite in Brushed Gold, allowing these elements to seamlessly integrate into the overall colour scheme.

The Oxlade Residence by the Seymour Group

The challenge with any display suite is to provide potential purchasers with a snapshot of a future space so they can easily imagine themselves living, entertaining and relaxing in the apartment. It was, therefore, important the selection of finishes and fixtures, together with the detailing in the joinery, reflect the level of elegance and exclusivity expected by buyers.
The high level of design execution in conjunction with bespoke details creates exactly the ambiance that was required.

Although there were some challenges in matching the finishes for a number of elements, this was mitigated by the excellent range of finishes available for the Zip HydroTap.

The Oxlade Residence by the Seymour Group

The Zip HydroTap Elite with filtered chilled and sparkling water was specified for its functionality and ability to meet all necessary requirements regarding size, finishes available and aesthetics.

Its specification meant the “front end” of the kitchen could be kept sleek and simple with a sophisticated aesthetic highlighted by its very clean exterior. The workspace of the kitchen is hidden, thereby keeping clutter to a minimum and enhancing the ideal of an always-clean area.

The Oxlade Residence by the Seymour Group

One of the main goals in creating the display kitchen was to exceed market expectations for this type of development. As a design, the space showcases the materials chosen, includes functional products that enhance the aesthetics of the room, and features detailing that oozes luxury and enriches the overall design of the apartment.

Zip HydroTap Elite in Brushed Gold

PROJECT: The Oxlade Residences Display, New Farm, QLD
SPECIFIED BY: bureau^proberts
DEVELOPER : The Seymour Group
BUILDER: Condev Construction
PHOTOGRAPHY: Eleanor Byrne
PRODUCTS SPECIFIED: HydroTap Elite CS – Brushed Gold