Saving Space in the Kitchen

 30 Oct 2017

The kitchen is traditionally seen as the heart of the home, but it can be hard to chat over a glass of wine while preparing dinner when you’ve barely got space for your utensils, let alone extra people. With the help of smart, chic design, you can open up space for cooking, eating, and sharing special family moments.

Table for 2… or 10

A fold out table is a great way to create some extra counter space when you need it. Just fold away when you’re done, and you’ve got more room to move. Picking a light wood surface will also help your kitchen feel more spacious.

When in doubt, hang everything on the walls

If you’ve got wall space, a set of hooks can create instant storage for pots, pans, cups, and serving utensils. Magnetic rails for knives are another way to free up space, whilst keeping your knives within easy reach.

… Or even the ceiling

If you’re short on wall and floor space, a rack hanging from the ceiling can provide a great home for your pots and pans, whilst freeing up precious cupboard space. This isn’t a DIY we recommend though – get your rack installed by a professional to ensure everything stays up where it should!

Pantries on wheels

A vertical roll out pantry or cupboard is a great way to use the sliver of space between the fridge and the wall. Even a very narrow space can store cans, jars and glasses. Why not install some rails to hold in baking sheets and large servingware as well?

Disappearing Stools

Swing out stools are a great way to give you a place to perch without taking up any valuable floor space. Just swing them back in when they’re not in use, and you won’t even know they’re there!

Save on bench space

Over the sink cutting boards come in a few different forms. A basic model looks just like a long cutting board, while the bells and whistles sort comes with rubber feet, pull out trays and colander inserts.

All in one appliances

Save valuable counter space and get rid of your kettle and bench-top sparkling water units with a Zip All-In-One tap. This smart addition provides pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water in an instant, plus hot and cold water for washing up, all from the one tap.

Garage your appliances

Tuck your appliances away when you’re not using them. Once you’ve freed up your cupboards by hanging up your pots and pans, use that space as an appliance garage for your blenders, toasters and coffee machines.