Ditching the Bottle: Save money with a Water Filter Tap at Home

 06 Feb 2024

Say goodbye to bottled water with a water filter tap at home

There are plenty of reasons filtered water is superior to regular tap water. It’s cleaner, pure, tastes better and is safer to drink. But for most filtered water, there is a major drawback – filtered water most often comes in single-use plastic bottles, which are harmful for the environment, heavy to shop for and costly – even choosing the cheapest bottled water can cost you hundreds of dollars a year and leave you with plastic waste.

Pure filtered water at home

Water filter taps are a modern, innovative alternative to bottled filtered water. Connecting directly to your home’s water supply, water filter taps provide you with pure-tasting, filtered drinking water, straight from the tap with no bottles required.

HydroTap G5 Elite Plus

Versatile and convenient

Modern water filter taps are designed to make life easy. Depending on the level of functionality you require, you can choose to have boiling, chilled and sparkling water, all from the one tap! If space is not an issue, you may choose to have two taps – one for all your filtered water needs, alongside another with regular tap water for cooking and cleaning.

Environmentally friendly choice

Zip water filter taps are developed with energy saving technologies to deliver pure-tasting, drinking water with minimal environmental impact. Smart technologies keep water perfectly chilled or boiled, straight from the tap, ensuring energy is not lost during heating and cooling, and the command centre features customisable settings with three energy-saving modes. Our Environmental Product Declaration details the environmental impact of our HydroTaps throughout the lifecycle, from the production and processing of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, installation, ongoing usage, maintenance and filter changing, right down to the product’s end of life.

Healthier and safer

Zip’s water filter taps offer an unrivalled level of filtration, removing harmful contaminants and odours, leaving only pure-tasting drinking water. Our Zip filters use innovative MicroPurity six-in-one filtration to reduce contaminants such as limescale, lead and bacteria growth and are tested and certified to meet the highest standards.

HydroTap G5 Celsius Plus AIO

Easy to maintain

Zip Water offers a range of care plans to ensure your Zip HydroTap stays in peak working condition, prolonging the life of your water filter tap and making it perform at its best.

Stylish designs for every home

Zip HydroTaps come in a huge range of styles and finishes, with options to suit any home. Use our handy product selector tool to find the perfect HydroTap and start enjoying the benefits of filtered drinking water at home.

Configure your perfect HydroTap