Rise of Multifunctional Taps in Residential Kitchens. Trends and Drivers in Design and Specification.

 23 Nov 2023

At the same time the modern kitchen has evolved into a multipurpose space, the values of today’s typical consumer have shifted. Placing greater value on features that make their lives easier, present-day consumers are prepared to pay more for high-quality appliances and fixtures that offer greater functionality, value-adding features and tangible lifestyle benefits. This mindset applies to kitchen design and tap selection.

Homeowners and occupants want the convenience of exceptionally tasting chilled water, instant boiling water, and quality sparkling water on tap at home, much like they can get at offices and restaurants. This has given rise to a new category of multifunctional taps that can be used to streamline everyday kitchen tasks, such as food preparation and cleaning, as well as dispensing filtered drinking water.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the key drivers in the design and specification of multifunctional taps in modern residential kitchen builds.

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