New Zip HydroTap design and HydroTap Clean make water at its best even better

 05 Oct 2022

For the past 75 years, we’ve built our reputation based on innovation and continuous improvement. We’re always looking at ways we can improve our products to ensure we deliver water at its best.

This week we launched the new HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus, optimised from its predecessors the HydroTap Arc and Cube, based on customer feedback, as well as launching HydroTap Clean, a new to market cleaning process for all Zip HydroTap systems at the point of installation.

The new HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus delivers an improved sparkling water experience through a smoother delivery and overall enhanced sparkling water quality, made possible with the following optimisations:

  • Upgraded round cross-sectional hoses to reduce splutter and dripping
  • An added aerator to improve the quality of sparkling water
  • Kink resistant and colour-coded hoses for smoother installation and operation
  • Fixed height for easier installation

HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus have also undergone a cosmetic update including a flared spout and wider base, further cementing Zip Water’s reputation for design excellence.

Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand Mike Abbott said,

“We’re very excited about our refreshed products. As we mark our 75th anniversary this year, we continue to innovate; we want everyone who uses a Zip HydroTap to experience water at its best. We’ve listened to our customers and the changes we’ve made to these models will ensure that every sparkling water experience delivers on that promise.”

The new and improved HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus models will be available from 4 October 2022 and will retail from $2,995.

Zip HydroTap Arc and Cube Plus

In other innovation news, the Engineering team has developed a first-to-market cleaning process called HydroTap Clean.

Where we would’ve previously completed the final clean of our HydroTaps in our factory in Sydney, installation experts will now clean the unit at the point of installation, using the HydroTap Clean solution.

The HydroTap Clean solution is:

  • A safe, natural, certified organic and pH neutral biodegradable solution that is produced by electrochemically activated water that then acts like a detergent.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Gently cleans the chilled and sparkling internal water paths.

HydroTap Clean

Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand Mike Abbott said,

“HydroTap Clean is a first to market innovation, cleaning HydroTap units just before customers have their first drink of great tasting water from Zip HydroTaps. Skilled installation experts can complete the HydroTap Clean process without adding any additional time to the installation process. This gives our customers firsthand insight into the quality we deliver at every step of the HydroTap manufacturing and installation.”

HydroTap Clean is delivered via an aerosol can and adaptor, along with smart firmware, ensuring a measured and even concentration of cleaning solution is used throughout the system.

HydroTap Clean will be rolled out across our HydroTap range from October 2022.