Never buy bottled water again

 08 Dec 2022

Never buy bottled water again

With an ever-increasing focus on the damage single use plastics are doing to our planet, many people are looking at ways to permanently reduce their personal impact. The high use of bottled water is having a hugely detrimental effect, with thousands of bottles ending up in our waterways, oceans and landfill. Fortunately, Zip has a better solution to help households, businesses and hospitality venues rid themselves of plastic water bottles forever.

Filtered drinking water – on tap

Zip HydroTaps provide fresh, pure tasting filtered drinking water, straight from the tap. Our focus has always been on providing the healthiest, cleanest water we possibly can to our customers, leading to cutting edge innovations that are certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9%. Genuine Zip filters are independently verified to reduce chlorine, odours, sediment and limescale, leaving nothing in the glass but the best tasting filtered drinking water. Most bottled water products are unable to guarantee the same levels of purity.

Straight from the source – no production, bottles, waste

Zip’s HydroTap system filters the mains water piped directly to your home or business, so no matter your location, the condition of your pipes or the quality of your tap water, you are guaranteed fresh, highly filtered water from your Zip system. With a choice of boiled, chilled, or sparkling filtered water straight from the tap, there is simply no need to purchase bottled water. With your Zip HydroTap, you can bypass the whole process – the manufacture of single use plastic bottles, storage, shipping and distribution, even the energy used to recycle the single use plastic bottles that do make it through to the recycling plant. That’s a win for the planet on multiple levels.

Energy efficient smart technology

With Zip’s patented PowerPulse™ technology efficiently heats boiling water, sending short bursts of energy to ensure the water is maintained at your chosen temperature (each unit is factory-set to 98, but you can change this to suit your preferences). Carefully maintaining the water at a constant temperature prevents energy being wasted overheating then cooling the water. Energy-saving power down modes preserve energy when the system is not in use, such as ‘sleep when it’s dark’ and on/off timers. Plus, you don’t have to wait for off-the-shelf store-bought bottled water to cool down, or use energy to refrigerate bottled water in stores, cafes or restaurants.

Closed loop system

Zip is conscientious about ensuring our products do not cause harm to the environment. Our Environmental Product Declaration details the environmental impact the Zip HydroTap has throughout its lifecycle, from the production and processing of raw materials, to manufacturing, distribution, installation, ongoing usage, maintenance and filter changing, right down to the product’s end-of-life. Our products are designed and built to last, come with industry-leading warranties and are supported by a highly skilled team of certified service technicians to help you prolong the life of your Zip system.

Simple, efficient and stylish

A Zip HydroTap is such a simple but elegant solution. All your water needs from the one tap without the need for additional appliances, storage, bottles or fuss. Not only does the HydroTap help reduce the plastic water bottle problem, but it also produces healthier, cleaner drinking water, that is better for you, your family and the planet.

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