Kitchen Taps to fall in love with

 25 Aug 2022

Water is an essential part of life in the kitchen, so why not make the most of this necessary feature? A Zip HydroTap will transform your kitchen tap, bringing together life-enhancing functionality with beautiful designs that will change the way you think about, and use water in your kitchen.

The water you need from one tap

So many of our activities in the kitchen revolve around water. A glass poured from the tap for hydration and refreshment, or for practical tasks like cooking and cleaning. The Zip HydroTap’s multifunctional water delivery allows you to access the water you need, anytime you need it, all from the one tap. From boiling water for the perfect cup of tea, crisp chilled water and delicious sparkling water, Zip HydroTap can turn it on at the touch of a button. The Zip HydroTap’s simple and sleek designs save space, reduce the need for multiple appliances and help make life in the kitchen simpler and more efficient.

Stylish designs for every kitchen

No-one should have to sacrifice form for function. Zip HydroTap comes in a stunning range of designs including curved or cubed taps , in luxe contemporary finishes such as matte black and brushed metallics or classic finishes including chrome. Zip’s handy product selector tool makes it quick and easy to find the perfect HydroTap for your kitchen. Simply select the options you need at each step and discover your dream kitchen tap.

Kitchen taps that save the earth

Single use plastic water bottles remain an incredible threat to the environment. Zip HydroTap eliminates single use plastic bottles from your waste stream. Pure-tasting , filtered water straight from the tap means you no longer need to purchase, store and ultimately dispose of plastic bottles, saving time, effort and the planet. Patented Zip PowerPulse™ technology maintains perfect boiling water temperature by delivering instantaneous small energy bursts efficiently instead of overheating and cooling, which wastes energy and results in boiling water at inconsistent temperatures. Wins for the environment all round.

Pure-tasting and healthy filtered water

At Zip, we are experts in water filtration. Our focus on providing pure and clean-tasting drinking water for home has led to some of the most advanced filtration technology, which is certified to deliver a reduction of 99.9% of cysts including cryptosporidium and giardia, and lead reduction of 98.9% to NSF 53 (health effects).

Simple to keen clean and maintain

Zip’s easy clean surfaces simply require wiping down with a soft cloth to keep them looking their best. Plus, Zip’s expert team of over 100 experienced service technicians help ensure your Zip kitchen tap is maintained in perfect working order. Simply call our friendly Customer Care team or book online for replacements, or to arrange a clean or inspection.

With so many benefits, it’s not hard to see why Zip HydroTap is so popular in Australian homes and kitchens, delivering pure-tasting filtered water, any way you want it, at the touch of a button.

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