Is it worth getting a water filter tap?

 27 Nov 2023

Reducing your environmental impact with filtered tap water

As the plastic and climate crises continue, taking responsible steps to reduce our individual environmental impact is becoming increasingly urgent. While world leaders take their time implementing effective change, we as consumers have purchasing power to choose products and services that limit our impact on the environment. But how much difference can one person, one household, really make? Find out how choosing a Zip filtered water tap can make a tangible, quantifiable difference to our planet.

Plastic reduction in just one year

In Australia, one million tonnes of plastic consumption is comprised of single use plastic. 84% of this is sent to landfill and only 13% is recycled. Approximately 130,000 tonnes of plastic leaks into the marine environment annually. In fact, it is predicted that by 2050, marine plastic will outweigh fish1. Switching to a Zip water filter tap with boiling, chilled and sparkling options will save the average household 1,227 single use plastic bottles2 in the first year alone. That’s 27kg of plastic3! You will also save of 5kg of CO2 – the same emissions a car would release on a 21km journey4, or have an LED lightbulb on for 626 hours5.

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A choice for a greener future

Let’s imagine it’s a decade later, and your decision to choose Zip has paid significant benefits to the planet, and to you. Not only have you enjoyed pure, healthy, and convenient boiled, chilled and sparkling water (right from your kitchen tap, with no other appliances required) but you will have saved a whopping 269kg of plastic and 53kg of CO2 – equivalent to a 213km car trip, one hour plane ride6, or having an LED lightbulb on for 6,263. You would have saved the same amount of CO2 a tree seedling growing for 10 years would have removed from the environment.

Calculating the benefits

How do we know all this? In our efforts to continue contributing to a more sustainable world through our social and environmental impact, Zip has partnered with Edge Environment to develop the Zip HydroTap Impact Calculator. We conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (reviewed by independent experts and conforming to ISO 14040-44) of our award-winning HydroTap products to assess and analyse the climate impact and resource use of our HydroTap products across their full life cycle, from raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal. These were compared to the use of alternative products, using independent sources to calculate equivalent savings.

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Quantify your impact with Zip

To find out how Zip can help your household or workplace reduce its environmental footprint, head to our HydroTap Impact Calculator.

Configure your HydroTap

Find the perfect HydroTap water filter for your home or office, with our clever selector tool. To keep your HydroTap working at its peak, don’t forget to look into our HydroCare plans, which provide regular maintenance, cleanse and filter changes, helping to ensure your HydroTap is working efficiently and producing the best tasting, purest water for you and your family.

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2 Based on the same volume of water consumed with Zip products and vs 500 ml PET plastic water bottles.
3 Based on the total weight of plastic used in 500 ml PET plastic water bottles, minus the total weight of plasitc used in ZIP product and packaging.
4 Distance driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle, based on US EPA
5 Based on a 9 watt light-emitting diode (LED) bulb operated in Australia.
6 Hours flown by Boeing 747-400 (used for long distance international flights), based on Carbon Independent