Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Taps: Modern Kitchen Tap Convenience

 01 May 2024

The Ultimate in Kitchen Convenience

The kitchen is the hard-working heart of the modern home, a place of activity and connection in our increasingly busy lives. To truly serve us well, a great kitchen needs to be comfortable to work in, with well-designed spaces that encourage flow when cooking, tidying up eating and resting. A modern kitchen is a clever, well-designed space that makes life easier for everyone using it. One often overlooked feature that can really boost the functionality of your kitchen is your choice of kitchen tap.

All-in-one convenience

Modern kitchen taps can do so much more than provide water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Zip Water’s advanced drinking water technology delivers pure tasting, filtered water, straight from your kitchen tap. These sleek, smart and functional kitchen taps do it all, delivering instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the press of a button. Say goodbye to kettles, filter water jugs, and on-bench carbonation systems. Zip Water’s HydroTap systems change all that, streamlining all your drinking water needs.

HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Matte Black

Single or dual kitchen taps

Depending on your kitchen needs, you can choose single or double tap designs. From one kitchen tap you have ambient unfiltered hot and cold water, for cooking and cleaning, while the second tap provides your filtered drinking water – simply choose the configuration that best suits your needs. For the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, Zip Water’s latest innovation, the Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out includes an artfully incorporated pull-out sprayer for ease and versatility – in food preparation, cleaning dishes or washing down your sink at all angles and corners.

Convenience and class

All this functionality does not come at the expense of style and design. Zip Water’s HydroTap range comes in a variety of tap styles and luxurious finishes. Choose from an arc or cube style, in an ever-popular Matte Black, Brushed Gold, or Chrome finish. With seven finishes on offer, there is a HydroTap to suit every kitchen design, from cutting edge contemporary to traditional.

HydroTap G5 Elite Plus Brushed Gold

Convenience without compromise

You don’t have to sacrifice superior quality drinking water for convenience. In fact, Zip Water’s innovative MicroPurity 6-in-1 filtration is certified to reduce sediment, contaminants, and odours, delivering pure-tasting and safe drinking water. Our proprietary six-in-one filters are tested and certified to the highest standards, ensuring that very glass will deliver water at its best.

Set and forget servicing and maintenance

Bothered by having to change filters? Not only does the intelligent Zip command system alert you when a filter needs changing, you can also pre-schedule services and maintenance checks with Zip Water’s easy HydroCare plans. Simply choose the plan that suits you best, and our friendly customer support team will ensure one of our highly qualified, factory-trained technicians is scheduled to cleanse and inspect your Zip HydroTap, keeping it in peak working condition, for longer.

Configure your perfect HydroTap

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