Hamptons Styling for the Kitchen and Beyond

 28 Nov 2017

Coastal and casual, Hamptons interior decor is a perfect transplant for Australian shores. Inspired by the Long Island homes of New York’s elite, Hamptons styling draws on natural, beachy tones, with elegant, quality finishes. How can you incorporate a little of this easygoing style into your home?

The basics

Remember, Hamptons styling works best in open floor spaces exposed to lots of light. If your space is compact or low light, you might want to try a different look – or install some skylights.

Starting on a clean white base with timber flooring is essential for this look. For the floors, try a lighter washed wood finish for a casual feel, or go darker for something more formal. Add interest to white walls with panelling. By sticking to classic white, you’ll be able to build a harmonious and relaxed feeling with a muted colour palette.

Muted tones

In keeping with the relaxed vibe of the Hamptons, you want to stay away from bright colours. Think taupe, beige, sand and cream. Blues are essential – try pale, robin’s egg blue, as well as nautical blues with a faded finish. Adding charcoal tones can modernize a Hamptons home, but remember to keep it natural with materials like wood, glass and iron.

Natural furniture

Wicker and cane create an informal vibe, but be sure to get high end pieces. If you’re going for a natural finish, make sure it looks premium, rather than worn in. There are lots of wicker options available in Hamptons colour palettes - try white, beige or blue. Raw timber furniture is also a great option for creating texture.

Natural woven fabrics

The Hamptons style is based on a beach location. The feel of natural fibres against the skin after a long day in the sun and surf is part of what makes the Hamptons experience. Try incorporating fabrics like linens and cotton drill for upholstered pieces. For rugs, jute and sisal are great options.

Built for comfort

While elegant, Hamptons holiday homes were built for comfort. Keep this in mind when selecting furniture. You want generous seating that embraces the body - perfect for lounging around with a summer read.

Bring the outside in

Like most coastal styles, the Hamptons interior is open to light, air and the sound of the ocean. Decorative pieces reflect this with driftwood, shell and coral feature pieces. Remember to choose neutral tones - too many shells in too many colours is more beach shack than Hamptons retreat.

Florals from classic Hampton gardens can enliven any room - hydrangeas, snapdragons, peonies and magnolias are good choices. Potted topiary trees are a charming addition to porches and larger rooms. Place these in neutral or blue pots and vases to emulate the classic Hamptons look, or choose smoked glass for a modern feel.

Pendant Lighting

Hamptons style homes have abundant natural light in the day, but at night, pendant lights shine as centrepieces. Because Hamptons homes traditionally have high ceilings, pendant lights are the most practical way to bring in light where it’s needed. There are a lot of options with pendant lights - you could choose wrought iron or other matte metal shades to create a more formal feel, or linen covered shades to keep it beachy.

Where Classic Meets Modern

Just because the Hamptons is a classic style, doesn’t mean you can’t have modern conveniences. The Zip Arc and Cube HydroTaps come in a variety of finishes – classic silver and matte black are both well suited to the Hamptons style, depending on how you’ve styled the rest of your home.

Et voila - you’re ready to relax and enjoy the summer in a beautiful space all your own.