From Zero to Boil - Hot Water Dispensers

 31 May 2024

Simple solutions for your corporate or commercial space

Providing boiling water for instant hot beverages is a must-have in the modern workplace, and these days, a kettle on the bench is not enough. Zip’s instant boiling water systems offer a range of solutions to meet all business and corporate needs – from a small team to a warehouse workforce. Zip’s on wall boiling water range is durable and efficient, ensuring great performance in the long run.

Wall mounted instant boiling water

Zip’s wall mounted boiling water systems offer boiling water, on demand, with no fuss. A simple cool-to-touch tap operation on the front of the unit provides instant access to filtered, boiled water perfect for tea, coffee, instant soups and more. Simple and safe to use, Zip’s wall mounted units come in a range of sizes to meet the needs of small offices, hospitality venues and large worksites.

Zip Hydroboil

Superior filtration for the purest tasting water

Each unit features Zip’s 0.2 micron MicroPurity™ filtration, certified to reduce bacteria, sediment, odours to NSF 42 (aesthetic effect) and NSF 53 (health effects). All this, in one easy to change, hygienic cartridge.

Highly efficient water heating

Zip’s on-wall hot water dispensers feature twin chamber boiling water steam-heat-boost technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water. Depending on the unit, temperature is controlled by thermostat or electronic temperature control. Hydroboil and Autoboil systems feature inbuilt self-calibration technology and a programmable digital display with two energy-saving modes. The main water tank fixes straight onto your wall and is wrapped with high performance insulation to ensure the healthiest water and optimum efficiency.

Zip Econoboil

The perfect wall mounted boiling water system

Zip’s range of on wall boiling water systems are designed to meet a range of corporate and commercial needs. Hydroboil Plus – the most advanced option, designed for modern workplace kitchens. Available in 3.0L, 5.0L and 7.5L.

Autoboil – for restaurants, canteens and cafes. Available in 3.0L, 5.0L, 7.5L, 15, 25 and 40 litres.

Econoboil – the first choice, for site sheds and short-term tenancies. Available in 3.0L, 5.0L and 7.5L.

Easy maintenance

Servicing, filter changes and cleansing are simple with Zip’s easy HydroCare plans. Simply choose the plan that suits you best, and our friendly customer support team will ensure one of our highly qualified, factory-trained technicians will cover every maintenance requirement to ensure your Zip On-Wall boiling system operates at peak performance for longer.

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