Fountain of Youth - Just wishful thinking

 14 Jan 2016

Nothing spells health quite like a glowing complexion. And the best, most cost effective and natural way to achieve this is as simple as water, sleep and exercise.
These three fundamentals used with our favourite beauty regimes help us achieve the fresh appearance that says ‘I’m feeling good!’ 

To have your skin will be sparkling in no time follow this basic regime:
1. Water
It’s crucial we hydrate with plenty of water everyday. As women, we are supposed to have an average of 45-60% of our body composition made up of the good stuff.  Water gives us energy, great skin and maximum bodily function. Six to eight glasses is the recommended intake, but drinking to thirst is also a healthy option. 
It doesn’t have to be boring either. Infuse your favourite herbal tea, and add fresh fruit for natural zing. Cranberry and strawberry with mint and ice are also delicious.  

The world is your water jug. Think lemon and ginger, peach and orange, or even just plain old cucumber. 

Another option is to top up a third of a glass of your favourite juice with sparkling water for a lo-cal, low sugar splash. It’s a fizzy treat without the insulin spike on offer from sodas and pure fruit juices. 
The list is endless. You can even try something different everyday!  

2.  Sleep 

Sleep heals, but it eludes many of us, which is why it’s good to prepare for it properly. 

The bedroom is for sleep or sex. Switch your electronic devices off an hour before bedtime. Turn your screen’s temperature down from blue to orange/yellow in settings. Blue light suppresses sleep inducing melatonin, and tricks our circadian rhythms (the body’s natural 24 hour cycle) into thinking it is still daylight.

A warm shower or bath is soothing and helps relax you before bed. It’s also a good idea to diffuse lavender essential oil in your bathroom. 

And a hot drink – think chamomile or ‘nighttime’ teas that will help you drift off and wind down after a busy day.
3. Exercise gets the blood pumping around the body
Exercise gets the blood pumping around the body and rushes juicy red blood cells to your skin.  

The good news is you don’t have to run a marathon. Short bursts of exercise at maximum effort followed by recovery breaks (2 mins/1 min for twenty minutes) will do the trick. The added bonus is your metabolism will be racing through calories for several hours after. And exercise certainly helps with the skin’s ‘glow’ factor.
Water, sleep, exercise: a virtually free ‘threesome’ that will make you feel pumped, skin plumped and ready to go every day!
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