Five easy ways to drink more water

 24 Oct 2022

Five easy ways to drink more water

Water is critical to most bodily functions, such as maintaining cell integrity, ensuring the fluidity of our bloodstream, helping to eliminate metabolic waste, and helping to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells. The body cannot store water, so we need to ensure we are taking enough in every day to make up for what our bodies use. Including more water into your day is not difficult, and your body and mind will thank you for it. Plus, it is easy to drink more water with a Zip HydroTap in your home or office, delivering instant pure-tasting, filtered drinking water straight from the tap.

Set yourself a target

How much is enough, anyway? Most adults will need between 2.5 to 3 litres a day to make up for the water used by our bodies’ processes. Be careful not to wait for thirst to strike as drinking enough water throughout the day will help keep you alert, aid digestion, and stave off dehydration symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. Thanks to their Zip HydroTap, 80% of customers report drinking more water.

Hungry? Or just thirsty?

If you are feeling peckish, try reaching for a glass of water first. Studies have shown that more than a third of people confuse thirsty signals for hunger pangs. Drinking water can help stave off cravings and might help you cut down on snacking.

Create water rituals

Finished an email? Drink some water. Need to visit the bathroom? Finish your glass of water first. Going to the kitchen? Always fill up your glass or water bottle. Trying to solve a tricky problem? Ponder it over a glass of water. Find little ways to make drinking water a regular part of your day and you will be reaching the daily requirement with ease. Plus, Zip HydroTaps make it quick and simple to access instant pure-tasting filtered drinking water straight from the tap, at the simple push of a button.

Listen to your body

We all know majority of our bodies are made up of water, and as such, our bodies have very clear ways of telling us we need more. Symptoms such as headaches, dry eyes, poor skin condition, inability to concentrate, and tiredness can all be signs of dehydration. Making sure you drink water regularly throughout the day will help keep you hydrated, healthier and happier.

Make it taste great

If you are not one to enjoy plain water, adding flavours such as lemon or lime juice, fresh mint or chopped fruit will make drinking water a little tastier. Sparkling water also offers the same hydration benefits as still water, so add some bubbles if it helps you drink more! Zip’s range of HydroTaps even include models with filtered sparkling water available on tap!

Drink more water with Zip HydroTap

Zip’s beautiful range of stylish HydroTaps deliver pure-tasting filtered drinking water, straight from the tap. Perfect for home and office, Zip HydroTaps offer a range of drinking water options, from boiling, chilled and sparkling – all from the one tap, at the touch of a button. Easy to maintain, and without the delivery, storage and waste of bottled water, Zip HydroTaps are the healthy, environmentally friendly drinking water solution.

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