Enticing Staff Back to the Office: Design considerations for the future workplace kitchen

 02 Jun 2022

As the workforce returns to the office, employees are eager to see organisations place greater emphasis on work-life balance, flexibility and wellbeing. There is an opportunity to improve office environments in a way that boosts employee engagement, and creates a workplace experience that will entice people back into the office. As the ‘heart of the office’, there is no better place to start than the kitchen.

We discuss how the broader trends in workplace design in the post-pandemic world are reflected within the kitchen space. We look at the key design considerations shaping the future of kitchen design, focusing on five topics: fostering community and social interaction; promoting health, comfort and wellbeing; providing flexibility in choice; workplaces perks and convenience; and cleanliness and hygiene.

Download this white paper for a closer look at the design considerations that are shaping the future of the workplace kitchen.

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