Entertaining made easy with Zip HydroTap

 20 Jan 2023

Make the most of your summer entertaining with a Zip HydroTap. Try these easy-to-make delicious Zip mocktail recipes with the convenience of sparkling water on tap, keeping you and your guests cool and refreshed during the warm summer days.

Pink Lemonade

Serves 2


30ml cocktail rhubarb syrup

30ml cocktail peach syrup

60ml ready-made lemonade

300ml Zip sparkling water


Stir the syrups and lemonade together, and top with Zip sparkling water.

Stir well and pour into serving glasses.

Garnish with lemon twist.

Pink Lemonade Animation


Pina Colada

Serves 2


2 cups pineapple chunks, core removed, about ½ pineapple

1/2 cup ice cubes

2 tbsp cocktail coconut syrup

4 tbsp non-alcoholic white cane spirit

200ml Zip sparkling water


In a blender, blend fresh pineapple, non-alcoholic white cane spirit and coconut syrup.

Pour the mixture into serving glasses with ice, add Zip sparkling water and stir.

Garnish with pineapple and cocktail cherry.

Pink Lemonade Animation


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