Enriches Genuine Liveability

 12 Feb 2020

Architects and designers have a social responsibility to improve and enrich the lives within the built environment. More than half the world’s population live in urban-dense areas, with the number rapidly growing on a daily basis. In Australia, the fight for affordable housing poses a complex issue within the societal landscape across the country. It identifies a challenge that architects and developments need to navigate through to deliver solutions towards opportunities for every individual.

BHC Creating Liveable Communities make it a priority everyday to provide architectural solutions that offer genuine liveability for the Australian community. Located in the suburb of Enoggera, north-west of Brisbane’s CBD is Glenavla Terrace – a modern, high-quality affordable rental housing development that is designed to make a difference.

Since its inception in 2002, BHC has developed an impressive portfolio of over 1,500 properties – predominantly in Brisbane – that have redefined the rental-housing model throughout South- East Queensland. The independent and not-for-profit organisation collaborates with a range of award-winning architects, planners, engineers and builders to ensure that these buildings respect, enhance and complement the Australian lifestyle within its urban landscape.

Glenalva Terrace is the brainchild of BHC in partnership with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Department of Housing and Public Works. By setting the new standard of affordable living, BHC reshapes the relationship between disadvantaged individuals and people living with disabilities and their built environments.

Glenalva Kitchen

Under the Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Initiative (EPCII), the residences are open to a multitude of individuals that are looking for a stronger and brighter future within the Queensland community. The range of services, accommodation and security at Glenalva Terraces are meticulously designed to support independent living and integration within the community. The three-level development features 10 Gold Standard “Liveable Housing Design” bedroom units, 10 car spaces, shared garden facilities and common areas for recreational activities all within a secure complex less than 100m to public transport.

The architectural language focuses on bringing a sense of comfort and ease-of- living through a functionally refined design. Each sizeable unit features an open-layout with the communal spaces such as the living room and kitchen taking centre stage. The balconies provide opportunity for natural light and air ventilation and an instant connection the external landscape.

Glenalva Exterior Building           Glenalva Bathroom

Crafted with a balance of practicality and respect for its locality and context, Glenalva Terrace is designed with contemporary materials that complement the surrounding neighbourhood. This is further complemented by interior details and modern appliances, such as the Zip DEX Instantaneous Hot Water System that enhances the lifestyles within and elevate the holistic experience.

The units are fitted with high-performing engineered solutions to provide superior usability and efficiency for every individual. The Zip Instantaneous Hot Water System delivers instantaneous electric hot water which is both a cost-efficient solution and sustainably sound choice, it is the perfect addition to the kitchen and bathrooms environments in any residential unit. Zip Water acknowledges the importance of energy efficiency and functionality through a first-class water system.

BHC is passionate about creating opportunities towards a hopeful future. The development demonstrates an inspiring feat of how architecture can make a difference in today’s complex landscape. Glenalva Terrace redefines the traditional housing solution for the Queensland community through a human-centric and forward- thinking approach.

PROJECT: Glenavla Terrace Apartments, Brisbane CBD, QLD
SPECIFIED BY: BHC - Brisbane Housing Commission
PHOTOGRAPHY: Graham Philip
PRODUCTS SPECIFIED: Zip DEX Instantaneous Hot Water

Zip DEX Instantaneous Hot Water