Designing for the future

 14 Jul 2020

Outline Design Office redefines healthcare aesthetics at Q Dermatology. Located within a new hospital in Taringa, Queensland, Q Dermatology is the antithesis of the usual suite of doctors’ rooms that are often nondescript and not particularly user friendly. We are presented with a light, bright and energizing destination that ticks all the boxes for form and function and provides comfort for patients and staff alike.

At the outset, the most important idea within the brief was to re-create the Q Dermatology brand value of ‘specialist treatment, expert care’ and create a space that was wholly focused on restfulness and the wellbeing of the patient with all the latest technology incorporated. The interior is crisp and contemporary, with comfort an integral component.

The designers collaborated with the client to ensure that the interior incorporated key objectives such as a welcoming and a modern environment that would immediately put clients at ease.

Designing for the future

While the practice is new, the doctor and his team share a wealth of experience and so it was important to convey the strength of this expertise and engender trust through the interior décor. The designers have accomplished this with a colour palette of soft greys and white, while materiality is durable and long lasting. The inclusion of cabinetry and a reception desk that are creative in design speak more of a residential interior than a commercial premise and adds to the overall feeling of a casual but also efficient working environment.

On arrival, patients can relax in the soft comfortable seating that has been provided in the generously sized waiting area. To enhance the idea of wellbeing and tranquility, greenery has been used consistently throughout the space, but it is the inclusion of a water station and the Zip HydroTap Arc in gunmetal that provides the extra amenity for clients. There is nothing better than a chilled glass of filtered water on a warm summers day or a hot cup of tea when the weather is cold and providing the Zip HydroTap allows clients to make personal choices without bothering staff.

Designing for the future

Light was of great importance and the rooms have been positioned in areas that provide expansive views of the outside and an abundance of natural light. The spatial layout of the interior ensures patients have a sense of privacy and visual cues help patients interact with the space. The consulting rooms have been designed with state-of-the-art equipment and through the use of timber and colour, there is a certain warmth and softness that engenders relaxation in an easy contemporary style.

Director at Outline Design Office, Jacinta Condon commented, “The focus is on patient comfort – for them to walk in and have access to that natural light in the waiting area, it was all about trying to make people feel at ease but obviously that had to be balanced as it’s still a medical grade facility. The biggest challenge was to make the suite feel comfortable and hygienic without feeling cold and sterile.”

Designing for the future

It is not just the patients who benefit from the innovative design of the interior, as the staff are also supported with a breakout space and multiple separate areas away from the patient zone that also have access to the views and natural light.

Q Dermatology presents a new way of greeting and treating patients, all within an environment that focuses on the comfort and wellbeing of the individual and it is indeed the way of the future.

HydroTap Arc GunmetalHydroTap Classic Matte Black

PROJECT: Q Dermatology, Taringa, QLD
SPECIFIED BY: Outline Design Office
HydroTap Classic BC – Matte Black
HydroTap Arc BC – Gunmetal